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ManuTech Universal Load Engine

Written by Barron

My Mule has helped me through planet after planet. Need to carry a body? Ol' Mule has it. Need to dig into a potential ore-vein? Ol' Mule got yer back. I'd be nothing without my Mule.
— Happy Mule Customer


The first and most popular invention of ManuTech Incorporated, is the M.U.L.E. The ManuTech Universal Load Engine. Designed during The Melancholic Lacuna, the Mule is used to supplement most manual labor for both commercial and personal use.  


The Mule is a automated machine that works to move heavy loads in most environments regardless of verticality and scale. They are common in the streets and in warehouses. Using Meissner Antigravity to propel itself, they can traverse most terrain. A series of arm attachments allow Mules to be specialized for individual projects and requirements.   Some more affluent people can even afford personal household Mules to assist them in everyday tasks.]


Simuloid Models

More popular for personal models of the Mule, Simuloid cores allow for Mules to have a semblance of intelligence and personality. While they are limited to sub-sophontism, they are intelligent enough to be used as easy and useful pets.  

Vacuum-rated Models

Mules of many shapes can be designed to work in the vacuum of space using alternate propulsion means. These are often used in mining operations or in automated Wayship repairs.  

Combat Models

Mules can be purchased by individuals for usage as Bodygaurds or automated defense. Many adventurers who have to travel solo will purchase armed Mules to have something at their back. The Syndicate itself uses Mules as a first line of defense.

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Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 8

Write about a creature that is used as a beast of burden or transport animal.

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