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A Character's Mantle is the path which they have chosen. It's their calling, or at least their preferred diversion.   Mantles reflect the Character's skill set and abilities. It gives them the knowhow they need to overcome obstacles.   They are akin to Classes in that you acquire them to add to a Character's capabilities, but are distinct in that (at least in the Core RPG) Abilities acquired from a Mantle's pool of Abilities directly reinforce other Abilities acquired from that pool.

Character Creation

  Mantles are part of a Character's Backstory, and are used in both Ethnis Light and the Core RPG

Ethnis Light

Mantles as per Ethnis Light
  Mantle Abilities stack.  



Forged in the fray. Your tale is one of action, of split-second choice, of conversations had in lasers and steel. You are the Martial, and you live for the fight.

+ to attacks with melee weapons
+ to attacks with ballistic weapons

Castle[Passive]: Whenever an ally is being targeted, you may make Reactions to protect that ally.
Double Tap[Activated]: Whenever declaring an attack, you may activate this ability to hit the target twice with a single check.
Flurry[Activated]: Whenever declaring an attack, you may activate this ability to strike with all held weapons in a single check.


Psiolic Mantle Icon

With a mind for the metaphysical, magic potential flows from your body, bending your enemies and obstacles to your will. You are the Psiolic, and meta is your weapon.

  • + to using meta spells.
  • + to detecting meta anomalies

Battery[Passive]: Your Meta capacitance is raised by 2[X]
Power Amp[Activated]: Whenever you are declaring a meta Cast, you may activate this Ability to have your next meta Cast gain +2 levels.
Conductive[Activated]: At any time you may activate this ability to regenerate 2[X] meta.



Not everything can be beaten with brute force. You are the mind that hones your party into a well-oiled machine. You are the Commander, and you are the master of tactics.

  • + detecting intentions of sophonts
  • + to charm checks against sophonts

Eyes on the Prize[Passive]: While in the same room as your allies, they treat your line of sight as their own; removing penalties related to lack of sight.
Tactical Oversight[Activated]: You may activate to declare one ally to give up to X of your dice to. They may use those dice until the turn ends.
Minion[Passive]: Declare one allied NPC to be upgraded to a Minion, the DM has to approve this selection. This minion can now roll four dice and can take two action per round, controlled by the Commander. Only one minion per Commander may be active at a time.



Discipline and training have combined to make you an expert at ensuring you strike at the right time and that nothing will surprise you. You are the Exemplar and fate bends at your will.

  • + to defensive checks where the target is yourself
  • + to detecting traps and hidden dangers

Restraint[Activated]: After rolling your dice, but before taking your actions, you may reroll [X] pairs of your dice.
Bide[Activated]: After rolling your dice, but before taking your actions, you may declare up to [X] dice to keep in bide. These bided dice persist between turns, and may be used at any time. At the end of conflict or upon use the dice are returned to the regular pile.
Preparation[Activated]: At the beginning of the Narrator’s turn, you may activate this ability to remove up to [X] dice from their pool.



A party is only as capable as its equipment allows. That is where you come in. Your skill with crafting ensures the party always is prepared. You are the Gadgeteer, and you have the mind for mechanics.

  • + Crafting checks
  • + Scavenging checks

Revert[Activated]: Whenever you are making a project, you may activate this ability to reroll a failure.
Merge[Passive]: Whenever repairing equipment, roll a dice. If + then no components are used in the repair, else the repair costs the normal amount of components.
Refactor[Passive]: When scrounging or scrapping, you gather double the materials.



Your armament extends your will, your raiment extends your body. For the Gestaltist, the relationship with their gear is a symbiotic one.

  • + Armor
  • + Weapon Skill of Choice

Quickdraw[Passive]: Swapping or drawing armaments is a free action instead of a partial.
Second Skin[Passive]: Negate up to [X] points of gear encumbrance for armament or raiment.
Practiced Hand[Activated]: When taking your turn, activate an armaments ability for -[X] the cost.

Ethnis Core

Work In Progress

Creating your own Mantle

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