Gestaltists are those whose job requires them to be totally one with their gear. They often the subject of legend—Parisan and their shields, samurai and their swords, Psiolic and their wands.

Ethnis Lite


Everything is so much more effective when it's in your hands. You have a way with gear—you enhance it, and it enhances you.   Seek powerful Gear, make friends with the Gadgeteer, and make sure you have a tool for every job.


Don't be afraid to swap items frequently, and to have a hoard of tools to choose from before going on a mission.   Use item abilities often—if you're playing well they will recharge often, so there's no reason to save up.



Your armament extends your will, your raiment extends your body. For the Gestaltist, the relationship with their gear is a symbiotic one.

  • + Armor
  • + Weapon Skill of Choice

Quickdraw[Passive]: Swapping or drawing armaments is a free action instead of a partial.
Second Skin[Passive]: Negate up to [X] points of gear encumbrance for armament or raiment.
Practiced Hand[Activated]: When taking your turn, activate an armaments ability for -[X] the cost.


The standard Yantra of the Gestaltist is a stylized triskelion with symbols representing each of the Tech Clades.   In the sample below we have green OrgaTech pods mounted into red MechaTech struts around a blue MetaTech crystal ring.    


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