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Gestaltists are those whose gear is an extension of their body. They often the legends who become archetypes—A Parisan and her shield, the samurai and his spear, the Psiolic and her wand, the cyberpunk and xer cybernetic arm.

Tools are so much more effective when in their hands. They have a way with their gear—they enhance it, and it enhances them.

Alternative Titles

Operator • Gunslinger
Specialist • Arms Expert

Associated Skilltypes

Combat Projects

Possible Mantras

The sum is greater than the whole of its parts.

Care for your gear if you want it to care for you.

Live by the Gear; die by the Gear

The Gestaltist Yantra is a triskeliod with sections representing each of the Clades: green pods for Orga ; red mesh for Mecha, and a blue crystal ring for Psio.


Careful Handling

Whenever your Gear loses Durability, you may Draw to negate it. You succeed if you Draw a Numeric of lesser or equal value to the Item's related Skill Mod. All other cards drawn this way are discarded, including Royals.

Deft Hands

Swapping Gear between Inventory and Hand is now a Free Action instead of a Partial.

Determined Evocation

If you use a 10 when

Determined Evocation

When you acquire an item, you may choose Imprint, Technique, or Driver



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