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Not everything can be beaten with brute force. You are the mind that hones your party into a well-oiled machine. You are the Commander, and you are the master of tactics.


  • + detecting intentions of sophonts
  • + to charm checks against sophonts


Eyes on the Prize[Passive]: While in the same room as your allies, they treat your line of sight as their own; removing penalties related to lack of sight.
Tactical Oversight[Activated]: You may activate to declare one ally to give up to X of your dice to. They may use those dice until the turn ends.
Minion[Passive]: Declare one allied NPC to be upgraded to a Minion, the DM has to approve this selection. This minion can now roll four dice and can take two action per round, controlled by the Commander. Only one minion per Commander may be active at a time.


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