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The Magic Council

Written by FirethornDragon

The Founding of The Magic Council

The Magic Council was founded in 94. E.M (After Magic) along with the school Felvale-EN for Mages and Guardians. The Council was founded by Odess Stormborn when she was 19 years old. She was the princess of Ballaros and the youngest of seven brothers. Odess inherited the Croydon Island, Felvale-EN and The City of Croydon from her grandfather Croydon Stormborn who was the first king of Ballaros. No one knew that she had inherited Croydon Island until they found Croydon Stormborns letter to Odess.    

The Guardians

The Council is today one of the most known organizations in Aurin. Everyone knows that a Melend with a crystal around its neck is a Guardian from The Council. To be a part of The Council you need to have graduated Felvale-EN. Felvale is The Magic Councils' school for Mages and Guardians. Everyone who is a melend - that means everyone in Aurin that possesses elemental magic - can serve The Council. Their job is to keep the peace in the magic world. But that does not mean that they stand over the laws of other countries, they are there to assist or help. They are supposed to be peacekeepers.       There are different types of Guardians. Like diplomats, Book Guardians, Portal Guardians (Portal Väktare, Portal Guardians in Swedish), and so on. But the ones that call them just Guardians are just Guardians. That means that they don't have any other title to their names like diplomat or Master. But the Guardian's job is to keep the magic world safe. And when they get a mission, they do their job. It can be to collect a stolen object, hunt down a criminal, help with diplomacy, patrol The Mystical Sea, assist in keeping the peace during wars and keep someone safe from people who are out to kill them and so on. Most of their jobs are assigned to them by The Head of The Council. A team can get a job from anyone who is a member of The Council, but The Head needs to sign it officially so that information about the mission can be documented in The Torasu Archives. In The Torasu Archives, they store information about The Council and every team’s history, including their missions and their grades from their years at Felvale.       In The Council, every Guardian works with their team or at least their partner, that they got during Crystal Day. Crystal Day is an important day for every Guardian during their last year at Felvale. They may not always see the bigger picture during their Crystal Day, especially if they got paired with someone that they don´t like. But the Crystal is never wrong. The teams cannot be any more than four members and they name themselves. The teams cannot be any more than four members and they name themselves. Every team needs to pass the Ordeal during their last year at Felvale to be able to graduate from the school.       They pair the students with their team members during their last year at Felvale to push them to their limit to see if they are ready to become Guardians of The Magic Council. Because if they cannot figure out how to collaborate in a limited time then they will not be able to adapt to the real world to different challenges that can appear during their future work. A team need to be evaluated in the Ordeal with that pressure to truly see if they have what it takes to become a Guardian. And if they cannot figure that out with the people, they are supposed to work with for the rest of their life then they will never figure it out. For a Guardian, their team and their team partner are one of the most secure things for them. Because they travel, live and work most of the time with their team more than they see their family they view their teammates as being closer to them than family or blood. It is a bond that is not easily broken especially between partners.       Every Guardian knows how to fight and are skilled magician because of the training they got during their years at Felvale-EN. Their education at Felvale trains and prepare them for anything that they will have to face in the real world. Every Guardian knows at least two languages, they also know the basics of healing and are taught the basics of every other culture in Aurin and their traditions and laws, so they do not get themselves into trouble. But most Guardians choose to learn more about the other cultures' traditions, laws, and languages around Aurin but not everyone. That is why every student of Felvale is obligated to pass their classes in basic language, culture, tradition, and laws before they can further their education after their third year at Felvale. If they do not, they must go to that class or classes again before they can learn any of the advanced classes they want to do for their graduation. And a team cannot graduate if not everyone in the team passes their Ordeal and passes their exams. If they fail they have to go through their last year again.      

The Head and The Elders

They all serve The Head who is the leader of The Council. She or he is the one who makes the final decisions and assigns missions. The Head have a group of advisors called The Elders to help him or her when they need to decide. The Elders cannot change The Head's decision, but they are higher up than Guardians and have to be Masters first before they can become a member of The Elders. The Elders can only be twelve members and with The Head and The Heads partner, they became fourteen. Only Masters can become Elder because The Elders are supposed to be Masters in their elemental magic. The Elders are the most skilled mages of The Council and are skilled in their magic in a way that takes a long time to master, that is why they first need to become Masters. After that, they need to have taught at least one student in their elemental magic before they can apply to become a member of The Elders. But every member of The Elders must also be willing to stay neutral in their meetings with the other members and The Head. They are supposed to be there to give their opinions if The Head need it but also be able to accept The Head's decision in the end. Because The Heads decision is final.       And it is The Head that chooses who they want to be a member of The Elders because they are supposed to be The Heads advisers. The Head can change their mind whenever they want about a member of The Elders. But if they want the member out of The Elders, they must have a meeting with all the members to explain why they do not want that person to be a member of The Elders anymore. After that, if there is anyone of the members do not agree with The Head, they will argue for why that person should stay in The Elders. After that everyone votes. If every one of The Elders votes for that person to stay The Head may reconsider their choice, but they do not have to. Because in the end, The Head is the one that decides if the member stays or not.       The same process happens if there is a member in The Elders that think a member is not acting in a way that they should. Or if they think that they are betraying The Head. The only time any member of The Elders is immediately stripped of their title is when they betray The Council. And then they lose every other title they have had in The Council and are erased from The Torasu Archive.      

What happens to Traitors of The Council?

Every Guardian that dies gets buried in the Agava Cemetery. If you betray The Council, then you are not allowed to get buried in the Agava Cemetery. Because for The Council the earth in Agava Cemetery is secured and should never be tainted by the blood of the traitors. If you manage to escape for The Council before they found out that you are a traitor, you must be very skilled at fleeing from the law. Because if they have not broken your crystal everyone else will still believe that you are a member of The Council, even if you are not. Because a broken crystal shows everyone that you are not a part of The Council. You are a traitor. And traitors are not welcomed back to The Council, the broken crystal is a sentence worse than death. You are in exile and can never set foot on Croydon ever again or they will kill you.       If just one team member of The Council betrays The Council every other one of that team will be put on trial to see if they are innocent or not. If they are clear, then they can stay in The Council, but if they also are proven to be a traitor then they will suffer the same faith as any other traitor that betrays The Council. But if it is only one member only they will suffer for their actions. Most Guardians that have betrayed The Council that are still alive, live in Giazia - EN, in Kheru - EN or in Dead Man's Port.

May the gods be with you

Founding Date
94 E.M. (After Magic)
Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
The Council
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Veterancy Level
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