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Croydon Island

Written by FirethornDragon

The island Croydon is named after the first king of Ballaros Croydon Stormborn. He named the island and The City of Croydon after himself. The Croydon Island is actually two islands connected by the The Bindred Bridge. The island lays in The Mystical Sea and are close to Ilrny and Ballaros.   The island was a part of Ballaros until Odess Stormborn made it independent. Now it is The Magic Council who owns it. Croydon Island have a lot of forest and mountains all around the island. Because it is placed in the The Mystical Sea sometimes the island have to endure storms and high waves wash up over the island. Sometimes animals wash up over the shore. Croydon Island have a lot of birds, some deer, foxes, some animals that the Felvale-EN school uses for their magical creatures class and many more.   The island climate change with the seasons. It has all four of the seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. During the winter it is usually storm season out in the The Mystical Sea. When that happens the people that live on the island must adapt to the change in the seasons with doing different kinds of work than what they usually do. The island has a lot of resources when it comes to wood, stone and even fish from the sea. The island also provides some herbs and plants like Melgra in some areas in the caves in the mountains. They also have a lot of falcons that are trained by the The Magic Council.   The people on the island have made the island a seaport and that attracts a lot of merchants that comes to trade with them. Or to trade with other people that visit the island. Because the island is in The Mystical Sea and all of the dangers that comes with traveling across The Mystical Sea, Croydon has become one of the places where you stay at before you travel any further. Many shipman and merchants stay at Croydon Island because of that and in The City of Croydon. Crehes travel to the island from Ilrny with the ferries. And people that want to travel through all of the crehe countries takes sometimes the ferries from The Jandara Port at Croydon to avoid The Mystical Sea. Some even leaves their ships there while they travel through the crehe countries and uses either horse when they get to Ilvoy - EN or travel through The Oarion Bay and further down.   The island has a lot of tourism from all over Aurin. It can be because of Felvale-EN or the The Magic Council, sometimes both or because they want to trade in The City of Croydon at The Jandara Port.
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Jan 9, 2022 21:57 by Michael Chandra

I guess when you're so used to the majestic plural, using your own name for 2 islands and acting as if it's just 1, kinda makes sense.

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