Gramer Bakery

Written by FirethornDragon

Have you seen the Gramer Bakery’s stained-glass art? If you haven´t, then you are missing out. Looking at the bakery from the outside you would not think it was a bakery if it was not for the sign hanging above the door and the boards outside with the daily slices of bread you can buy. Or the open window where the baker sometimes sells his bread to early birds who want their breakfast on the go. The glass windows are stained-glass art. And have different colours and every piece tells a different story.   But now you probably wonder why a bakery has stained-glass art for windows. It is because the baker who works there used to work with stained-glass art. He was the son of the former baker who owned the Gramer Bakery. And he was the youngest of three sons. But the oldest one died at sea during a fishing trip and the second one passed away from an incurable sickness. So, to keep the family business the baker, who now owns the shop, took over the shop from his father. Now his whole family is part of the bakery.   But he never stopped loving stained-glass art, so he kept doing it. When he renovated the shop, he put in his stained-glass art for the windows. But not only the windows. You can still see it almost everywhere inside the shop too. He even helps the local church when they need new stained-glass windows or art. And sells them to merchants who pass through his bakery from time to time.   The Gramer Bakery has been a part of Croydon - EN for a long time. It is said to have been there for generations. And before the current baker switch the old windows to stained-glass windows it was known for its delicious bread. Now it is more famous for its beautiful art and uniqueness. Many people stop in their tracks to look at the art. All the different stories they tell about legends and myths, or from religions or beliefs that circle in Croydon. Like old fairytales or histories. Some even stand there for hours to look at the Gramer Bakery stained-glass art. And they always come back to look at it again and again and of course for the bread too.
Founding Date
about 197 E.M
Parent Location

Cover image: Croydon by Charlotte.S


Author's Notes

This is an article for mapvember 2021.

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