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The Magnolia Greenhouse

Written by FirethornDragon

The Magnolia Greenhouse is one of the most significant buildings in Croydon. It belongs to the magic school Felvale for Mages and Guardians. You recognize it based on the dome-shaped roof and that it is an eternity made of glass and it is white. You can´t miss it. It was founded some years after the Felvale school was founded. It was built by ekes (dwarfs) and crehe (elves) that planted plants, herbs, and trees there.   In The Magnolia Greenhouse, there is a different stone-laid pathway through the greenhouse. And benches where you can sit down. The greenhouse is filled with birds, bees, butterflies, and all kinds of plants. Students can walk in the greenhouse whenever they want. And you can find potion students there all the time. It is a nice place to sit, study, or pick up some herbs or plants for potion class.   The students in advanced herbology are taking care of the greenhouse with the Master who teaches the subject. The whole building is formed based on the dome roof. Some windows are open at all times to make sure the birds can fly in and out and the bees and butterflies can come and go as they please. Despite how the weather is outside of the greenhouse. The Magnolia Greenhouse will always be warmer. Because of some of the more exotic plants, they have in there. They have water mages come in to make it rain to make sure the plants get their water from time to time. And earth mages who take care of the soil.   During the night the whole greenhouse is lit up by fireflies and by some plants that glow in the dark. It makes it the perfect spot to sneak out with your date. There are different sections in the greenhouse, and they even have a garden outside along the pathway that leads to the greenhouse’s front door. There is a backdoor but not many students know about it.   It is not only students and Guardians from The Magic Council who visit the greenhouse. Some healers from the city visit the greenhouse when they need supplies and some just come up to watch the flowers or enjoy the scenery.
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