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The Bindred Bridge

Written by FirethornDragon

The Bindred Bridge is very important because it connects the two parts of the island of Croydon. And without it, the Felvale school for Mages and Guardians would never have been founded. And the darkness in Aurin would have one the war around the year 94 E.M. (after magic). But there is almost no longer a living soul in Aurin how knows that? Or knows how important the bridge was in the founding of the school or The Magic Council itself. Something the students of Felvale need to be reminded of is when the builders must switch out planks and ropes on the bridge during the winter times when they still can't understand why they still have not replaced the bridge with one made in stone. And with magic instead of ropes and planks.

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The purpose of the Bindred bridge is that connects the two parts of the island Croydon. On the bigger part of the island is the city and the other half is the magic school Felvale - EN for Mages and Guardians. The gap between the two parts of the island is too big to jump over or try to bend earth magic to make a bridge. So, they build a bridge to make it easier to cross the island when they discovered it in year 34. So, king Croydon, whom they named the island after, could build a castle on the smaller part of the island. That later become his only granddaughter Odess Stormborns island when he died. And she founded The Magic Council and the school Felvale year 94 E.M. (After magic).


Because the bridge is built with wooden planks and ropes, they must switch out the planks from time to time. And the ropes. When they do that the students at Felvale have to take the temporary portals to the city. It usually takes a week to do all the work. Sometimes even a month if they must switch out the planks and ropes during winter. Because of the harsh weather and for safety reasons.


The Bindred Bridge sketch by Charlotte.S
A quick sketch over the bridge.


The Bindred bridge was founded year 34 E.M. After elemental magic become a part of Aurin. King Croydon of Ballaros - EN, found the island on one of his travels around the elven lands. The island is close to Ballaros and Ilrny - EN. The perfect place for another castle and city. Croydon discovered also that the island was split in two. With one bigger part where it would be perfect for a larger city and a smaller part for a castle, with good protection from enemies with the mountain range in the back. He asked earth mages to help him build a bridge. But it took too much power from them to try to build a bridge by magic. And the cold stream between the island made it unsafe to try to push their limits.   So, they had to use the old fashion way to build the bridge. It took them six months to build the bridge. To gather all the material, the builders and to find a safe way of doing it without falling into the stream water under them. When the bridge was done, they named it the Bindred bridge. After the ship crew how found the island with king Croydon.   But there are not many people in Croydon know days that know that the bridge is called the Bindred bridge. They just call it the bridge. And everyone wonders why they did not build the bridge with magic, instead of planks and ropes. And every time they must switch out the planks or ropes the students, curse and wonder why they don’t replace the old bridge with one made in stone, and by magic. But that will always be a mystery to them.
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