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The City of Croydon

Written by FirethornDragon

The City of Croydon is named after the first king of Ballaros Croydon Stormborn. He discovered the island not long after he was crowned king when he was sailing across The Mystical Sea. He named the island after himself and discovered that the island was split in two, but they still called it one island. So, he founded The City of Croydon also named after himself. But that was a lack of not coming up with better names. And they had already named the The Bindred Bridge and the The Jandara Port. And he wanted the island to be named after himself. So, the city became The City of Croydon.   The City of Croydon was founded in the bigger part of the island. In the smaller part of the island he founded the castle Felvale EN. The castle and the island he later gave to his only granddaughter Odess Stormborn in his will Kung Croydons Testamente. He never got to know her, but he left the only thing that he could leave in a will to his granddaughter. The crown would go to his only child and son Qeldes Stormborn. So, because he had met his other grandchildren and son, he did not want his island to go to anyone of them. So, he left everything to Odess. Also, because he could see himself in her when she was born, and he always wanted a daughter. So, he left everything to her.   The whole council and his family argued about it after his death, but they can´t change his will, something he found very funny. And he wrote a whole letter to his granddaughter Odess about it and explained the whole will. When she was about sixteen, she traveled to the island for the first time. It was mostly unlived after her grandfather died. But she made sure to make it a trading place again, build up the city to be larger and expanded the castle Felvale. She founded the magic school for Guardians and Mages and kept the name Felvale in honor of her grandfather and also the name of the places he had already named. She also founded The Magic Council the year 94 E.M (After magic).   The island was soon populated with melends (magicians) from all over Aurin. They settled down in The City of Croydon. Some become fisherman and other become traders. They opened shops and the city flourished. But Odess wanted the island to become independent from Ballaros - EN because of her brother that ruled over Ballaros. She did not want his opinions to influence something that she had created without his help, or her other brothers help. And thanks to her grandfathers will, she could do that without problem. She created a name for herself outside of the family name. There is almost no living person today that knows what her last name even was. There are no statues of her or king Croydon around in the city. Or at the castle.   Both were alike in that way; they did not want a statue of themselves. No one really knows the reason why. But that have not stopped people from trying over the years, but it was always declined because of king Croydons and Odess wishes not to have any statue of themselves on the island. When the school was founded, she become the first Head of the school. She later founded The Elders that will assist the Head in their decisions. But the Head always has the finale word.   The City of Croydon is a large city divided in different areas. You know when you walk around the richer areas and the poorer areas of the city. It is mostly a seaport city and the most famous of their ports is The Jandara Port. In the richer areas you can see the difference right away. It because they have the money to pay for the stone laid pathways that goes through the city. And all of them live in mansions that have been passed down through generations. The poorer places in The City of Croydon have the muddy roads that is the island naturel ground. The houses all look the same and are built in wood. Because they are part of the oldest part of the city when king Croydon first arrived with his crew and ship.   The city has changed somewhat over the hundreds of years. But most of it is the same. The city takes up most of the bigger part of the island. They have ports on almost every side of the island. The biggest one is The Jandara Port and where most of the local fisher have their boats. It is also where most of the trading happens, and the ships leaves the island. And the ferries to Ilrny - EN, they sail between Croydon and Ilrny. Because of trading purposes and because the students at Felvale can travel over The Mystical Sea safely in the beginning when they did not have portals to the elven school Uraelity - The school of the elves . Where the students from Felvae are studying healing magic, earth magic and advanced potions and herbology.   Croydon is one of the many island that lies out in the The Mystical Sea. Because of that the city sometimes must endure storms from the sea. And deal with animals from the ocean sometimes washing up on the shore. But also, that sometimes it is too difficult to fish, and the fisherman must find other ways to make money or to find food that they also trade with during storm season. And they never know how long it will last from year to year. Most of the island is mostly forest and mountains. Where they have not built up the larger part of The City of Croydon. The people of Croydon trade with the wood from the forest and stone from their mountains. That is usually what the fisherman does when it is storm season.   They city changes what they trade depending on the sea. Because sometimes their crops endure to much rain and saltwater because of the storm season. Other times the storm season keeps the trade ship away and the fisherman out of jobs. Then they sell wood or stone. But they always make sure that the city has stored away enough food and material for storm season.   But by some miracle the city has never flooded, but it has been close to be. Many thinks it because of the water mages that lives in The City of Croydon. They even have water mages posted out by the seaports all year long. But no one except them knows what their job is.   Even do most of the people in Croydon lives in the city and near the ports. One family build their own cabin a little bit out of the city. But close enough that they can see its lights at night. It is close to the forest part of the island and the sea. Most people don´t know why the cabin is built outside of the city. And most of the people don´t even care anymore but some still do. But it can be because a former pirate lives there that know is a Guardian at The Magic Council. Even do she was not the one how built the cabin; it was her ancestors.   Gossip around the city spread like wildfire. Everyone knows everyone’s business and if you managed to keep something secret then it will not take long until you accidently tell the wrong person. Or they find out on their own because secrets in Croydon don´t stay secret for too long. Not that people have not tried. Still there are some secrets that The City of Croydon are dying to know.
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