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Uraelity - The school of the elves (Ura_el_i_t_y)

Written by FirethornDragon

No one knows really who it was that founded Uraelity - The school of the elves or Crehe that they call each other in their own languages Eyasy, Mewati and Churrina . It was founded after Wenekadi in Ilrny - EN was founded. It was there you must go to study herbology, healing and potions before the school was founded.   In Uraelity - The school of the elves you can mostly study earth and healing magic that comes with being an earth melend, potions, herbology, advanced herbology and potions if you are a melend from Felvale-EN that study does subjects, but also advanced languages and of course healing. Some students get to have classes in Wenekadi where they follow healers that work there. They get to see how they work and how they use their magic if their earth crehes. Mostly that is all you can study in Uraelity - The school of the elves. But you can also study culture, history, and magic.   Like every other school they teach different fighting techniques and they have bow and arrow classes. They even teach tracking and hunting. Some basic survival methods in the woods and how to plant Melgras. Every crehe needs to know how to do that.   The students at Uraelity - The school of the elves starts studying their when they are eleven years old and graduate when they are seventeen. Like the students from Felvale-EN. They have collaborated with The Magic Council´s school Felvale for a long time. Almost since the Uraelity - The school of the elves was founded year 111 E.M. That was when the school started have a portal outside the entry for the students at Felvale. But they also made sure the ferries would go till and from the school so the students could choose for themselves how they wanted to get to the school for their classes.   Uraelity - The school of the elves forbids eld crehes with fire sickness (Eld Sjukan) to study at their school. But they can´t technically forbidden fire melends to study at their school or to be on the school ground. Because of their agreement with The Magic Council. Something the crehes that study at Uraelity - The school of the elves are not very happy about. But they can forbid the fire melends to enter everywhere else in their countries where they don´t allow fire crehe to be.   The school is built around a very large and high tree. You can see the trunk of the tree here and there when you are in the building. And the branches have outdoor places built on them where the students can study. They can also walk along the outdoor places from branch to branch because of the stairs that are connected between each branch, and it leads down to the pathway through the woods that goes to the capital Ilvoy - EN of Ilrny - EN.   Because the school is entirely built in wood you are not allowed to use fire unless it is for potions class on school ground. They have a Melgra everywhere as a light resource. The plant hangs from the celling or sits by a table. They don´t have a library at the school. You have to use The Library of Knowledge that is in the capital Ilvoy about ten minutes away from school ground. It is because you can find all the information you will need in The Library of Knowledge. Almost everywhere in the building you can find plants or herbs. Mostly outside on the outdoor places, but some places inside to. The school don´t have a greenhouse. They use the greenhouse at Wenekadi or travel sometimes to The Magnolia Greenhouse at Felvale-EN. Because they know that they can find everything they need there.   Uraelity - The school of the elves does have a great hall where the students can eat. But its only elves that eat there. The melends that study at Uraelity - The school of the elves doesn’t even know that it exist a great hall in the school were you can eat food. Uraelity - The school of the elves is not a boarding school like Felvale-EN and Chaddo the school of the orcs. Most students live at home. If you need a place to stay the school has cabins out on the school ground, where you can stay but it is only for students that needs them. If you don´t need them or live close to the school or can take a portal in, then the school will not let you stay at one of the cabins on the school ground.   The students don´t have a school uniform, they just wear Uraelity´s crest. The crest symbolizes their love for nature and healing. The background colors change depending on if you are a first year or if it is your last year. First year’s background colors are grey, second years have a yellow background, third years have a light blue color, fourth years have purple, fifth years have brown, sixth years have teal and last years have the light green color that is on the crest.   Every crehe at Uraelity - The school of the elves have a locker where they can put their stuff if they want to. Students from Felvale-EN don´t get a locker. It is because they are supposed to have everything they need at their school at Felvale at Croydon Island. Uraelity - The school of the elves is like a labyrinth if you don´t know the place well. Every corridor looks kind of the same and it makes it hard for some melends and even crehes to find their classrooms in Uraelity.   Uraelity - The school of the elves is the only school for elves at the moment. So, fire crehe that wants an education have to either study at Felvale or Chaddo the school of the orcs. Or they must find someone that is kind enough to teach them in secret in countries were teaching fire crehets are forbidden. But the current crown princess wants to change that, it will just take time because of the Creheth Culture ((Alvernas kultur - Creheth - (De grön markerade delarna på kartan.)).

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