Chaddo the school of the orcs

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Chaddo was founded around 49 F.M. before magic. And says have been founded in Yongar - EN but the jahix from Usuin - EN don´t agree with them. So, they call that place between the two counties no man’s land. And there is where Chaddo the school of the orcs is placed. Chaddo is also the oldest school that exists in Aurin.   The school is built mostly in stone and in some places is in wood. The school was founded by the Long Xae dynasty because they needed a place where they could teach the people in their country. Chaddo the school of the orcs is mostly for people that want to study healing, potions and herbology. But it also teaches you languages, how to fight, you get to play the sport wenggium that was founded on the school ground, Wenggiums History. They also started to teach magic when magic become a thing in Aurin. But they didn´t at first that is why the school Felvale-EN was the first school to teach magic in 94 E.M after a spell.   Chaddo is a big school with many statues around the school ground for their goddess Aulla goddess of animals, wisdom and hunting but also people that have been important in their history. The school ground expands to the forest around the school and the mountains. They teach the students how to hunt, track and make their arrows. But they also teach them how to pay respect to nature when they take something from it.   The students start studying at Chaddo at the age of twelve and finish between the age of nineteen and twenty-two. It depends on what kind of exam they are taking. But most of the jahix finish school at the age of nineteen. The students that are studying healing get to help at Chegva and most of them start working there after they graduate.   The jahix even has a craftmanship exam where the students can choose to learn how to make weapons, clothes or jewellery. Even most of the jahix people refuse to learn any other language because of their Jahix Culture. The school has started teaching other languages across Aurin so students at least can one of the common languages.   Chaddo the school of the orcs have many places where they grow plants and herbs. Places for training your fighting skills and competitions between the different clans in the school in the different classes. Especially healing, craftmanship and how to fight. The winners get a reward that usually means no homework for a whole week for their entire clan.   Chaddo the school of the orcs have five clans. They are the Wolf Clan, Raven Clan, Lizard Clan, Whale Clan and Spider Clan. They get sorted into one of the five clans when they start their first year. They get sorted into the five clans by touching all the five crystals that are placed before one of the five statues of each clan. They do this in front of the entire school. If one of the crystals starts to glow, they are sorted into that clan. If more than one crystal reacts the student gets to choose after the leaders of each clan and tell them why they should pick them. Each clan in the school wear their colours the Wolf Clan wear light blue and black, the Ravens are white, brown and black, the Lizards wear red, orange and black, Whales wear blue, white and green and the Spiders wear grey, black and white. They have chosen black as the standard colour in every school clan.   Students sleep in different areas of the school. They share a common room with their school clan and a bedroom with the rest of the students from their year. The school even has competition in wenggium every year by the end of the year. That is why the students don´t start studying at Chaddo until they are twelve. Because the rules are that no one under the age of twelve is allowed to play the sport. But that is a rule that the Melend Alena Hayes broke a couple of years ago when she started playing professionally at the age of eleven.   Most of the people that are studying at Chaddo the school of the orcs are people from Jahix Culture. But they don´t have to be. Some melend from Felvale-EN or elves from Uraelity - The school of the elves chose to deepen their knowledge in healing by studying at Chaddo. Most of them are at the age of seventeen when they start studying at Chaddo the school of the orcs. And they get sorted into a school clan like everyone else.   Because of the Jahix Culture, the people that are part of their school clan are like their family even when they have graduated. You can always count on one from your school clan to help you if you need their help in the future. That is their code "We help our brothers and sisters in black." Black is meant to symbolize the common school colour in their clan colours. But you must prove that you are a clan member by showing the clan flag or crest.   The school’s crest is a mountain, a c shaped moon and herbs. It symbolizes the mountains that they used to travel through when most of them wear still nomads. The moon is for the way they used to have their hunting seasons that started when the moon was c-shaped. The herbs symbolize their love for nature and their knowledge of healing. This crest hangs everywhere around the school except for the different school clan’s common rooms and bedrooms.

We help our brothers and sisters in black.

Founding Date
49 F.M (Before Magic).
Education, Magic
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