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Melgra is a fascinating plant that emits a soft, warm light like a candle or fire. It is primarily used by the Crehe, a species of elves who prefer to avoid fire due to their fear of Fire Sickness (Eld Sjukan. The Melgra plant is native to caves and dark places and has a unique, green oval shape that looks like a stretched-out long egg. It has vines that cling fast to a roof or a wall, creating a beautiful and natural lighting fixture. The oval shape of the plant is light, and legend has it that it traps fireflies inside, making the light shine.    

The Different Stages of The Melgra Plant

The Melgra plant has a lifespan of approximately fifty years and starts to die when the green colors turn bright blue. Interestingly, the plant can change color depending on how much it is watered, and many clubs around Aurin use the plant to produce different light colors. However, the Crehe elves primarily use it as a source of light. They rarely use fire for anything except during some of their traditions, funerals, or cooking.     To grow the Melgra plant, one must pick it when it looks like a bit of seed and ensure it has something to climb on to. As it ages, the vines will get thicker and can be guided to grow where desired. The shell-like oval of leaves will get bigger and bigger until it stops growing after about ten years. The plant blooms every other year, and when it stops blooming, it slowly turns back to green. When it starts to turn yellow from white, it stops blooming. It usually takes two months to return to its regular green color.    

Usage of The Melgra Plant

The Melgra plant is versatile and can be used in many ways. It is warm but not hot enough to burn, making it an ideal companion for cold winter nights or traveling through cold places. Some people make drinks or cook with its leaves, while others use it as a natural and comforting light source. It is the perfect comfort food when one is sick or needs comfort. Every elf has a Melgra plant, eaten during most of their oldest traditions. The plant is beneficial as a lantern, and the elves carry it everywhere except for the fire elves. The fire elves are forbidden from taking or getting near the plants because the elves fear they will burn them down.
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