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Felvale school of Magicians and Guardians

Written by FirethornDragon

King Croydon Stormborn the Founder of Felalve Castle

Felvale, now known as the School of Mages and Guardians, was founded as a castle by King Croydon Stormborn. He also established The City of Croydon near his kingdom, Ballaros. King Croydon discovered an untouched island close to his kingdom and decided to create an independent city for his people on it. Although the city was independent, it was still under the jurisdiction of Ballaros until King Croydon's passing. As a strategic move, he left the entire island and the castle, where he spent his last days, to his granddaughter Odess Stormborn.     King Croydon was well aware of the people's greed and desire for the island. He did not want someone who craved power or would misuse what he had built and founded to inherit it. He could see the greed among his grandsons, and he didn't want any of them to have it. Knowing that Odess would not inherit anything from her father because of her seven brothers, he chose to leave the city, island, and castle Felvale to her. King Croydon had faith that Odess would do something remarkable with her inheritance, even if he would not live long enough to see it.    

Odess Stormborn the Founder of Felvale School of Mages and Guardians and The Magic Council

Odess Stormborn founded the Felvale School of Mages and Guardians in 94 E.M. (After Magic). Growing up as the only princess of the royal family Stormborn in Ballaros, she loved exploring the forest around the royal castle. When her grandfather Croydon passed away, he left Croydon Island, the city, and the castle Felvale to her. However, Odess only found out about it when she turned fifteen.     Initially, Odess thought her grandfather had made a mistake as she didn't see herself as a ruler like her oldest brother. But when war broke out between her two older brothers, she realized that magicians around Aurin needed training. No school in Aurin taught magic and how to control it. This led Odess to create the Felvale School of Mages and Guardians and The Magic Council as an independent entity from Ballaros.     Odess, a fire melend, knew how important it was to teach melend how to control magic and the law of magic. She ensured the school and council were a safe place for melend to learn and study magic and to protect the magic world. She also wanted the school and council to have a say in who became the Head after her time. To achieve this, she ensured that her knowledge and the knowledge of every Head before her was passed down by letting a part of her crystal be passed down to the next Head.    

Felvale Castle Changes Over the Years

The Felvale School of Mages and Guardians collaborates with Uraelity - The school of the elves. Students studying earth magic, advanced potion, and herbology from Felvale get the opportunity to study at Uraelity and have access to advanced elven language studies. The castle is shielded by mountain ranges and linked to the other half of Croydon Island by The Bindred Bridge.     Felvale has multiple mountain ranges serving as training grounds and their forest and beaches offer various magical training and self-defense classes. The school has a four-level library and The Torasu Archive, which have been added over the years. Felvale has portals that lead to Uraelity and The City of Croydon. The school also has a cemetery.    

The Education year 1 - 7

The students at Felvale begin their education at age eleven and graduate at age seventeen, provided they pass their Ordeal.    

Year 1

On their initial day at Felvale, students arrive attired in the hue that represents their elemental magic. They may also show respect by indicating the colors of the different elements present in their family members, even if their elemental magic is different. Additionally, during their first year of apprenticeship, students are assigned a Master who is typically a member of their family. However, if a suitable family member cannot be found or is unwilling to be a Master, The Council will permit the other Masters to make a selection.     During the first three years at Felvale, the Masters are in charge of the students' magical education. They teach them how to control their powers, as well as the various forms of magic. Additionally, the Masters instruct the students on the basics of combat magic and weapon usage, as well as the proper social etiquette expected by the Magic Council. But the students have their Master's until they graduate.   During their first year, first-year students are taught a variety of subjects including history, magic theory, elemental magic, basic magic, basic weaponry, basic combat and basic combat magic, selling, navigating, potions, herbology, three languages of their choosing, and horse riding.    

Year 2

During their second year, students continue to study subjects from their first year, but with the addition of navigation and horse riding. They also begin learning about archeology and ancient runes and have the option to take classes in painting or music if they desire. Students are given a horse during their second year to promote responsibility and independent horse riding. Additionally, they also study different cultures but are required to study at least two. In their second year, students also delve into laws and diplomacy.    

Year 3

In their third year at Felvale, students are tasked with taking care of The Magnolia Greenhouse. This is their final year of mandatory herbology studies, and by this point, they should have the necessary knowledge to care for the various plants and herbs. The teacher selects teams for the students to work in while caring for the greenhouse. During their third year, students begin learning about magical creatures and their care.     In the third year of their education, students have a meeting with The Head to discuss their plans and the type of exam they wish to take from The Council. This is because, in their fourth year, they will start studying classes that align with their chosen exam from Felvale. One of the new classes introduced this year is crystal theory. Additionally, this is the year when earth magicians from Felvale start studying healing magic in Uraelity - The school of the elves. This class is mandatory for earth magicians until their final year.    

Year 4

During their fourth year, students are required to take several courses including elemental magic, magic theory, combat magic, weaponry, tracking, survival skills, magical creatures, and basic healing. Additionally, earth magicians must study healing magic. They also have designated days where they are obligated to assist at Wenekadi.     At Felvale, fourth-year students have unique schedules. New classes this year include archive studies and reading, field studies to study abroad at other schools or travel around Aurin with their Master. Students can also opt to study an extra language, architecture, cooking and baking, music history, sewing, economy, export and trading, or poetry. Certain degrees require some of these classes.    

Year 5

In the fifth year of their studies, students have the opportunity to assist the Falcon Guardians in training these majestic birds as part of their magical creature class. This experience also provides instruction on how The Council communicates and how to train and care for a falcon. Upon graduation, students can select their falcon, whether it be the one they helped train or the one that chose them. It may seem like the student is choosing the falcon, but in reality, the falcon chooses them.     At Felvale, students are required to take magic theory, magic combat, weaponry, and magical creatures classes only until their fifth year. However, they have the option to continue studying these subjects if they desire. During their fifth year, students are expected to assist during storm season in Croydon Island and The City of Croydon.    

Year 6

In the sixth year, there are no required classes, except for those studying earth magic, who must focus on healing magic. During storm season, all sixth-year students are expected to assist. As for electives, sixth-year students may choose from Secret Messages and Coding, Magical Artifacts, and Craftsmanship in Weaponry and Jewelry, or military strategies.    

Year 7 - The Ordeal, Teams, and Partners

During your last year at Felvale School of Mages and Guardians, you will be paired up with teammates and a partner to undergo The Ordeal. This is a test to prove that you are ready to graduate and showcase your abilities as both an individual and a team. The Ordeal was created by Odess to ensure that her students didn't work alone and were fully prepared to face the challenges of the world.     The test covers everything you have learned during your time at Felvale, and upon completion, you will receive your degree and a crystal that signifies your graduation from Felvale and membership in The Magic Council. You and your team can then begin working in your chosen profession, whether it be as diplomats, healers, or Guardians.     At Felvale, you will be taught all the necessary skills to survive as a Guardian in Aurin and beyond. However, it is important to remember that success also depends on the effort you put into your studies. The bond between teams and partners is considered sacred and unbreakable by The Council.
Felvale by Charlotte.S
Founding Date
The castle was founded 35 E.M, but the school was founded 94 E.M.
Alternativa namn
The Council
Parent Location
Inkluderade Platser
Relaterade yrken
Related Tradition (Primary)

The Head

The headmaster of the school is The Head of The Magic Council.     The Head has the responsibility for the student’s safety and is the one who chooses their punishments if they have broken the rules. The current Head is Lauren Cassarino.     She kept adding rules to the school rules during her years as the Head. But it is because she has two girls who always manage to accomplish things, at least one of them, that she must add school rules. Like, don´t blow up a classroom, and don´t bring a horse inside the library.   And the library is on the fourth floor.

The School Uniform

Felvale has school uniforms. The students have to wear the chosen colors of their elemental magic and depending on if they are a first year or a sixth year a piece of fabric around their waist like a belt. It is to show which year they are in.     A Student that is in their last year doesn´t have to wear any color around their waist to show that they are last year. The first years wear white around their waist, the second years wear green, the third years wear blue, the fourth years wear purple, the fifth years wear red and the sixth years wear black.     They all wear the same type of school uniform except for the colors and the girls can choose to wear a skirt if they want. The student can have a scarf around their neck or a mantel. And they all wear the same type of school bag that can look slightly different.     But not much.
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