Felvale school of Magicians and Guardians

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Felvale is the school for Mages and Guardians. Before it was a school for Mages and Guardians it was just a castle. The castle was founded by king Croydon Stormborn who also founded The City of Croydon, The Bindred Bridge that connects the part of Croydon where Felvale is to the rest of The City of Croydon and The Jandara Port. He left the island and the castle to his only granddaughter Odess Stormborn.   Odess founded Felvale the school for Mages and Guardians year 94 E.M. after magic. When she founded the school she made sure that the school and The Magic Council that she also founded were independent. And not part of any other kingdom or country. And because of her grandfathers, she could do just that without having to argue with her brothers. She founded the school and The Magic Council because of her brothers and because the world needed Guardians at the time.   Odess was a fire melend and understood that melend needed to be taught how to control magic. She understood The law of magic like no one else during her time. And she wanted a place that would stand the test of time and always be a safe place for melend to learn and study magic. She also wanted The Magic Council and the school to be a part of protecting the magic world.   Felvale school of Mages and Guardians have changed over the years. They had founded The Magnolia Greenhouse and are collaborating with Uraelity - The school of the elves . The last year students that study advanced herbology and potions study there for their last year. And earth melends start studying there when they start their fourth year. They learn earth magic and healing magic that earth mages can be taught at Uraelity - The school of the elves .   Melend starts studying at Felvale school of Mages and Guardians when they turn eleven to seventeen. The school teaches everything from different cultures, languages, laws, magic theory, fighting and self-defence, art, cooking, healing, and potions to crystal theory and much more. There are many different exams you can get from studying at Felvale school of Mages and Guardians. And in your last year, you get your teammates and partner and must prove that you are ready to graduate by passing The Ordeal. It all starts with the pairing up of teams during Crystal Day.   The Ordeal started because Odess wanted to be sure that her students at the time didn’t work alone and that they were ready as a team and individuals to go out in the world. Felvale is a castle that has expanded over the years with a privet port, The Magnolia Greenhouse and using of falcons (Pilgrimsfalk) to send messages. During the student's fifth year they get to help the Falcon Guardians with training and when they graduate, they can pick their falcon. It can be the falcon that they helped train or a falcon that pick them. Either way, the falcon picks you. Even if you think you pick the falcon.   The school have many corridors and hallways. Students eat in The Great Hall. They have their room during the school year and can then either move back home for breaks or stay at Felvale. Most students chose to move back home during the breaks. Most of the student's families live in The City of Croydon. When the students start their last year at Felvale they have to share a common room with their team, but they still have their room.   The castle itself is placed on the other half of Aurin that is connected by the The Bindred Bridge. The school has most of the mountain range that they use for training their falcons and protecting the school. They have their forest, and beach where they have different magic training or self-defence classes. The students can train there on their own if they want to like in every other place around the school ground where they have training fields or places for that, like on the grass fields close to the outer castle walls. The castle is protected by the mountain range and doesn´t get affected as much by The Mystical Sea because of that. They don´t have to worry too much about flooding during the storm seasons. But they must make sure their ships are safe by the docks and that the city is okay.   Felvale has a very big library that is four levels and the The Torasu Archive. The Book Guardians work in the library and the The Torasu Archive. Their job is to help students find what they are looking for and protect the archives and history. They are the only Guardians that are allowed to wear a Rychell Kristall. Some of them even teach history and legends and myths. The students have access to The Torasu Archive but only to some areas. Not everything.   They can ask the Book Guardians for information, and they even give you the books or scrolls on the subject or give you the information straight away if they know you are not allowed to read books or scrolls. But then they only give you the surface level of information. Only students from Felvale that have gotten the highest grade in history, languages, culture, myths and legends, crystal theory and some law studies can become Book Guardians. They also need to be one of the best fighters from their class in combat magic, self-defence and the different fighting techniques that the school teaches.   During the years because Felvale school of Mages and Guardians also is the base for The Magic Council. They have the Agava Cemetery at the school. Every family that has ever served The Magic Council has a family grave at the cemetery. Felvale has also stables, where the students have their horses that they get during their second year at the school when they are taught how to ride a horse. When they stop being students the horses are moved to the Guardian's stables.   Felvale has school uniforms. The students have to wear the chosen colours of their elemental magic and depending on if there are a first year or a sixth year a piece of fabric around their waist like a belt. It is to show which year they are in. A Student that is in their last year doesn´t have to wear any colour around their waist to show that they are last year. The first years wear white around their waist, the second years wear green, the third years wear blue, the fourth years wear purple, the fifth years wear red and the sixth years wear black. They all wear the same type of school uniform except for the colours and the girls can choose to wear a skirt if they want. The student can have a scarf around their neck or a mantel. And they all wear the same type of school bag that can look slightly different. But not much.   The headmaster of the school is The Head of The Magic Council. The Head has the responsibility for the student’s safety and is the one who chooses their punishments if they have broken the rules. The current Head is Lauren Cassarino. She keeps adding rules to the school rules during her years as the Head. But it is because she has two girls that always manage to accomplish things, at least one of them, that she must add school rules. Like don´t blow up a classroom and don´t bring a horse inside the library. And the library is on the fourth floor.   Despite the many things that have changed or been added to the castle over the years, the crest of the school has not changed. The values that they are taught have not changed and they still have some of the traditions, like Crystal Day and The Ordeal.   Every student at Felvale has their own Master's. They get them during their first year. Their Master can be their family member or a random person. But they can´t change their Master unless The Head has given enough evidence of feeling that the student needs a different Master. But mostly it is a family member. But the family member must be a Master in their magical element or skilled enough to teach it and be responsible for teaching the student control of their magic.   They are being taught magic theory at the school and they have magic training, but the magic training is the basic stuff or for combat and self-defence. Their Master is supposed to teach them everything about the magic they need to know and work with them to make sure they know everything they are taught in their magic classes and more. A Master can have more than one student as their apprentice at once. But not more than five. If the student fails to gain control over their magic, get stronger in it or can´t level up from the basics it is the Master's fault and no one else.   They have their Master's until they finish their Ordeal and graduate from Felvale. When the students graduate they all get their crystal that shows that they are part of The Magic Council but also that they have graduated from Felvale. After that, they can start working with their teammates in whatever profession they have chosen to work with. Some have chosen to work as diplomats, some as healers and others as just Guardians. It is the team’s responsibility to make time for everything that the team members want to work with.   The Felvale school of Mages and Guardians have portals. The portals are outside of the entry and it leads to Uraelity - The school of the elves . And when they are doing construction on The Bindred Bridge they also have a portal to The City of Croydon. The other portals only The Head and the Heads partner knows about. And the Book Guardians. The Book Guardians have portals to every library and archive around Aurin. And some diplomats get their portal crystals so they can travel around for their work. But only if you earned it.   During your years at Felvale school of Mages and Guardians, you will have been taught everything you need to know to be able to survive in Aurin as a Guardian and more. And you will need it when you travel around Aurin for the first time on your own with your team. But remember you have the knowledge that you need from your studies. And if you slept through your classes or skipped some of them, good luck.
Felvale by Charlotte.S
Founding Date
The castle was founded 35 E.M, but the school was founded 94 E.M.
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Inkluderade Platser
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