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Melends Culture

Written by FirethornDragon

The culture of magicians or melend or melends as they are called by everyone else around Aurin has existed since the beginning of magic 0 E.M after magic when they zeroed the time count in Aurin. The culture of magicians is part of all other cultures but what sets them apart from the others is how strongly they believe in The law of magic. But also their affiliation with The Magic Council, Felvale-EN and that they believe more in the order of magic than anything else.   For magicians, their magic is everything. They may be part of other cultures but those who have the culture of magicians as their first culture, usually see the world differently from the other cultures. Crehe Culture and Jahix Culture believe more in nature and the animals in it. And respect for nature. While Ekes Culture prefers to pretend that magic doesn't exist. The magicians believe that magic exists in everything around them.   They believe in fate and the powers of crystals. They believe that everything happens for a reason and that magic is neither good nor evil. They believe that magically reflects the person who controls it. Because they believe that magic chooses the magician and never the other way around. They value how reasonable control you have over your magic. How strong you are in your magic and how creative you can be with it. For them, magic is what holds the world together. And what makes everything work.   They can look in many ways. But most of them live in The City of Croydon. And most magicians are members of The Council. And almost all of them work as Guardians within The Council. For them, it's all part of being a melend. Especially being part of the culture of magicians. They find it very odd if you are a magician and have never studied at The Council School Felvale. Because they don't understand how else you could be in control of your magic. Or learn everything you need about magic and be able to get by in Aurin as a melend if you have not studied at Felvale.   Magicians, like most other cultures, are afraid of seers even though seers are part of their culture. But what they are most afraid of is the Lord of Darkness. They are fearful of his return and what it would mean for the magical world. And they're afraid of how they'll be able to protect the magical world if he returns.   Magicians get along with all other cultures. Most of them get along best with Crehe Culture, as long as you are not a fire magician. But most of them get along best with Jahix Culture. Because they somehow understand each other. They understand each other in some way with their view of magic and how it works in Aurin even though no one values magic as much as the magicians.   When it comes to Ekes Culture, the magicians get along reasonably well with them. Ekes like magicians the most because they know they pay best if they want something. But otherwise, they are very sceptical of magicians just like everyone else. Magicians get along least with people from Merana - School for knights and soldiers. Mostly because of the quarrel in the works found around Aurin that for the most part goes to the melends. Instead of the soldiers and knights from Merana.   Magicians are by nature peaceful people who want order in Aurin. They want to keep the balance between the magical world, the world of the gods and the ordinary world. But to do that, they must compromise. They can't stay out of certain things in Aurin if they want to keep the balance. And as a Guardian, it is impossible to always be peaceful. They believe in the Old Gods. And they all see the gods as their gods. Sometimes they just prefer some gods more than others, but they see all gods as their gods. And they believe just like Jahix Culture that everyone has the right to love who they want if they love someone of the same sex or opposite sex doesn’t matter.   The magicians, although sometimes get a bad reputation from other cultures, respect everyone else's cultures. They believe in legends and myths and trust that there is always a part of truth in them. And they believe in showing respect for their ancestors. For them, it is important to know what they have done before them, especially in their family to honour them. The magicians find it very difficult in their culture to be disrespectful to their ancestors. But also, their Masters and those with higher status than them. They have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. And although their view of what's right and wrong may differ, you can't change their view of it. Whatever a magician does, they trust that they are doing the right thing for Aurin. Especially the magical part of Aurin.   They are the first to defend anything related to the magical world. It can be animals, places, or objects. If it's about the magical world they will be the first to try to defend it. That is why the Council is so important to them. And they would do anything to protect the magical world and keep it balanced. Even from their own.

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