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The Torasu Archive

Written by FirethornDragon

The Book Guardian job is to keep the archives safe. They work at The Magic Council and have an education from Felvale-EN. The Torasu Archive have the most complicated and hidden locks. Many know that it is hard to break into the archive because it is the hardest-guarded archive in Aurin is Torasu.   Torasu is the archive in Felvale at The Magic Council. Their doors are not what you expect a door to look like. They have circled stone doors with rune locks. Hidden portals that they can travel with that only respond to their crystals. And secret pathways that are hidden from anyone who does not have their crystal. The whole Torasu Archive is built in stone. That makes it easier to hide the stone doors or for it to look normal. So, many people fail to notice the hidden locks or runes. But when they do, they will realize it is not that easy to open or crack.   The archives have opening hours for students, professors, Guardians, and scholars that visit them. But those doors go only to the open common room for everyone. And the locks on stone-circled doors are not done with too much protection runs from the old language. It is when you trying to get in the part of Torasu that leads to the secret pathways, corridors and stairs it becomes harder to get through, which leads to information only the Book Guardians are allowed to know, except for the Head of The Magic Council. Even some doors and pathways are locked for, some Book Guardians. And are only open for the Head of The Magic Council. And the Heads partner and some chosen Book Guardians that the current Head trusts. But they are no more than four Book Guardians at a time.   If you have never seen the old run magic before, then standing in front of the stone-circled doors in Torasu or any other archives will shock you. You must have at least some understanding of what the different runes mean. If you don´t it will not end well for you. Only the Book Guardians are taught how to read them. But even they don´t know all the runes.   It is very, very, very few people in Aurin who still know the language. And they don´t teach it to just anyone. It is a sacred language to them, that they have passed down for generations. And it is not safe for you to show other people that you know how to read the runes fluently. Or even know how to read them if you are not a Book Guardian, and even then, it can become dangerous in some circles to be open with it.   Many people want to break into the archives around Aurin. Especially the Torasu Archives that have all the information about The Magic Council’s history, their legends, myths and even some stories, legends and information about things that no longer exists. Some documents in there go very far back in time. Before even magic existed. Before even the The Magic Council and the school Felvale EN was founded 94 E.M (after magic).   And in the wrong hands can cause a lot of harm. The locks in Torasu are mostly locked by rune magic. But they also have different forms of locks that you must pull to open. And if you, do it in the wrong order, you can end up injured. Some even have false doors to keep thieves out of them. A couple of false doors lead to the dungeons. Other false doors can cause hallucinations.   Some of the locked doors you must open by turning the different runes to open them. But you need to do it in the right order and know what the different runes mean. The locks usually don't need a physical key. It acquires a bright mind, knowledge and some luck to break into if you are not a Book Guardian or have some knowledge about the runes.   Some rune doors can only be opened by a Book Guardians crystal because it will light up the hidden runes that only react to their crystals. And stealing their crystals is even more complicated than trying to break into the Torasu Archives. The Book Guardians are one of the most trained individuals in the whole The Magic Council. And they will protect the archives with their lives.   But if you walk past the shelves and see a glint of the secret doors, you will see just how easy it looks. But it is hard to open. And you should never let a Book Guardian catch you trying to study the locks or trying to open them. It will not end well for you if they are suspicious of you. And if you are on the path to becoming a Book Guardian, they will not show you have to open the doors, the hidden locks or even give you your crystal until you have sworn the Book Guardian oath, to always keep the archives safe, even if it will cost you your life.
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