Written by FirethornDragon

Guardian are a part of the The Magic Council and have an education from Felvale-EN. Their job is to protect the magical world. The Guardians has always been part of The Magic Council ever since Odess Stormborn founded it 94 E.M (After Magic). That is because she wanted a organization that could protect the world always.   She founded The Magic Council at Croydon Island. Something that she had enhired from her grandfather Croydon Stormborn in is will (Kung Croydons Testamente).   When the a melend turns elven they start studying at Felvale-EN on Croydon Island. Most of them grow up in The City of Croydon. And most of their families has been part of The Magic Council for generations. And if they have been part of The Magic Council for generations you can see the prof of it in the Agava Cemetery. When a Guardian dies and they have not betrayed The Council they get buried at the Agava Cemetery.   During their years at Felvale-EN they get taught how to defend themselves in magic, self-defense and with weapons. They are also taught almost every language that exist in Aurin, history of all part of the magic world Aurin, and traditions and cultures of the other cultures around Aurin. Guardians at The Council can have almost any kind of exam when they graduate. They can become Book Guardian, diplomats, captains, Portal Guardians (Portal Väktare) and other things.   But they all work in their team that they got during their Crystal Day. During that day they also get their partner that they will work with for the rest of their life. Their partner will be with them on always every mission that they do. And if they have past the Ordeal at Felvale-EN with their team they get to graduate from the school as Guardians. During their graduation day they will get their crystal that symbolizes that they are part of the The Magic Council. And when they are buried they get to keep the crystal with them in the afterlife.   Guardians are mostly part of the Melends Culture. But they can be any other culture also, but they are mostly only melends. When they have graduated and sworn their oath to serve The Magic Council they are working for The Magic Council for the rest of their life. They get to travel through Aurin, see different parts of the world, help people, and throw people in jail. They job is to make sure that the magical world is safe and that means everything in it to. The countries, the magical creatures, the objects and make sure that no one is trying got take over the world. Like the Dark Lord tried.   They are supposed to be the Guardians of magic. But they are also supposed to be natural when they need to be and don´t take a side. But sometimes they must. The leader of the Guardians is The Head of The Magic Council and Felvale-EN. He or she is the person they must answer to if they mess up or do something out of line.   And if they betray The Magic Council they lose everything. Their name gets erased from The Councils history books and archives, they don´t get to get buried in the Agava Cemetery and they get their crystal broken. It is to symbolize to anyone else that this Guardian is no longer a part of The Magic Council. They are a traditor, and they can never turn back the time. If your crystal is broken you can never be part of The Magic Council again, ever. It is because you have broken The Councils trust so badly that they can never trust you again. Even if you get your name clear, you can never be a Guardian in this lifetime again.   The uniform of the Guardians can look however they want after they graduated from Felvale-EN. But they need to wear their crystal around their neck. It is so symbolized to everyone else that they are a Guardian. They Guardians don´t get along with the Galera Culture that much because of their skeptical view to magic. But also because of the students at Merana - School for knights and soldiers at Chadal - EN. They have lot similar jobs, but the Guardians get most of them. Anyone from Merana - School for knights and soldiers refuse to work with the melends from The Magic Council.   It is because they feel that the Guardians take all their jobs. But also because of the Galera Culture view on magic. Every Guardian knows The law of magic. And they follow it. But even do most people around Aurin don´t always like them. They don´t care. Their job is to make sure that the magical world is safe. And according to them it is the best job in the whole world. Even do its one of the most dangerous once.

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