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The law of magic

Written by FirethornDragon

Magic is energy. It is all around us. It flows through you and me, like every other living creature and thing in Aurin. You as a melend just need to know how to control it to your advantage. All you need to know is control, the technique and most importantly your limits. Never forget that magic choose you and magic is never wrong.

The law of magic is simple only people who are melends can wield it. It doesn’t matter if you are also a Jahix, Crehe, Ekes or just human if you have the gene of Melend, you can wield elemental magic.   But how does magic work?   If you ask people in Aurin most of them will say it works because the gods granted them the power to wield magic. The gods by legend step down from Helaris and granted the people of Aurin magic. That later become known as the elemental magic, fire, earth, water, and air. That how magic become a part of Aurin according to legends.   But how do you wield it? It feels a bit different depending on which melend you are. If you are a fire melend, earth melend, air melend or water melend. But the conjuring of the magic is the same. You pull the energy that is around you. Everywhere in Aurin melends can feel the small pulse like a heartbeat and energy is magic. It can exist in the air, the earth, in the water and in the warmth around you that becomes fire. They must control the energy that pulses through them and make it connect with the energy around them to create magic.   You can only wield one elemental magic. And that is the magic that is close to your energy. Every melend knows that you are not the ones that chose the elemental. Its chooses you. When a melend is born they may have a parent with different magic powers, or the same magic power and the child can still be born without magic. Because their energy that picks up on magic is not as receptive to it as their parents are. The magic can feel where it is welcomed and where it is not. It can be because of fear of the magic or because they are not strong enough to wield it or use it.   But if you are a newborn melend and the magic chooses you it will always choose you. If you have excepted, it once you can never take it back. The magic that flows all around you, will now flow through you. If you have siblings and your parents have different magic, you, and your siblings don´t have to have the same elemental magic as each other. But if your parents have the same magic and you can wield magic, you can only wield the magic that they were born with. Because the magic that has chosen them and the genes that the newborn melend baby carries make it easier for that type of magic to connect with the child. The magic recognizes the similarities in the energy from the parents in the child, and that is why you can only be born with the same magic as your parents. If they have different magic the energy will battle its energy until the stronger one wins. And that will become your magic.   At the same time, some melends are more sensitive to that energy than others. Does melends have easier to use their elemental magic because the magic flows easier through and around them. They have an easier to learn to control it, but they also lose that control the easiest. Many people think that loss of control chose that the melend is weaker in their magic. But it is not true. It shows that the child has very strong potential in their magic, they just need the right training and Master to teach them control over it.   Magic because it is energy, reacts strongly to every emotion the melend has. So, when he or she loses their temper or is devastated in grief. The magic flows through them much easier and quicker like water combusting into a sinking ship. It goes very quickly and if the melend don´t have great control over their emotions or their magic, it can become dangerous very, very fast. No one wants to be around a melend that loses control over their magic in that state. That’s how tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, wildfires, and earthquakes happen. That is also why the elves or crehe are afraid of fire. And why they named it the Fire Sickness. Because of its destruction and why they have treated fire crehe or fire elves like they have through history.   Magic can be dangerous but that is only when the melend don’t have control over their own power. But if they do then they can learn to switch the magic on and of very quickly. And the stronger they are they faster they can do it. But it also requires a lot of training.   The melends can actually feel the energy around them. Even if some of them don´t know that is what it is they are feeling in the air around them. Earth melends have easier to pick up on that energy because of their close connection the earth and the energy in it. That does not mean that all of them have an easy time trying to do it. Even do those melends have easier to pick up on that energy there are someone that can bet them. Seers.   Seers feel that energy constantly. They can pick up on the energy flow and that energy doesn’t understand time at all. For magic time doesn’t exist. And that is why when seers see things that the energy in the magic is carrying with it, they can se the past, the present and the future. Because the energy of magic doesn’t understand that that has not happened yet or has already happened.   And only very skilled seers can control that energy too make it show them what they want to see, if it is the future, the present or the past. At the same time, they are also receptive to seeing things that they don’t want to see. Like everything else when it comes to magic it can be unpredictable but the more control you have over your own energy, your magic the smaller the chance is that it will come out unpredictable for you.   Melend can also feel the shift in the energy. That is when they pick up on someone else’s magic. But some can even feel the different in the energy. They know exactly who’s magic they are feeling and if they can feel the difference in the magic, they can also track it. All they must do is follow that energy until it gets stronger.   Melends that can feel the difference in the magic feels it in the energy and they just know that that energy belongs to that person. It is like looking at a handwriting and knowing exactly how wrote it. And not just because of the style of the handwriting but also the voice in the writing. It is like listening to music and knowing exactly which instrument is playing or the different notes when someone is singing. They know the difference. And the stronger the bond between the melends is the easier they have on pick up on the other persons energy, their magic. Especially the shift in it. But it also makes it easier to know how to find them.   Everything with magic is about the energy that it is. And it is all around Aurin. Some places are stronger and that is because a lot of magic has either been done there, the place is holey or a lot of melends have died there. When melend die their energy goes back into the energy around them and intervene with the nature around them.   But melend is not the only thing that pick up on this energy. Crystals also pick up on this energy and have their own language with that energy. They feel it and interact with it in a totally different way. And at the same time the same way. Some animals and creatures in Aurin can also pick up on this energy. Plants and herbs can absorb it and use it to their own advantages. They just use it in different ways, but the energy moves the same. That is why the melends can move the energy and create magic in different ways. And even do they have the same magic element they can control it and do different things with it because they have different skill levels with the energy.   Magic is easier to control and use the more you let it flow through you. If you resist it the harder, it is to use it. Magic takes energy from around you but also from you. That is how it works. The energy that is around you must match the energy that flows through you for you to be able to wield it. That drains energy from you.   If you are pushing yourself to much with your magic you will get headache, dizziness, and weak knees. You may also faint in some cases. And that is only because you did not respect your limits with magic. Or push yourself before you where strong enough to do it or redo to do it. It takes sometimes a day or two to fully rest to really regain that energy back. If you try to do magic again to quickly afterwards you will have the same symptoms over and over again. Until you let your body fully rest. Your body needs that recovery, because without it your magic will become weaker, and you will only drain yourself of every energy you have.   The tiredness from magic when you push yourself to far cannot kill you. What kills you is your own stubbornness, especially if you are in a battlefield and you don’t let yourself sometime to rest your energy before you use it again. That is why melends should not only depend on their magic for everything. Also magic never makes a mistake it is the melend that makes mistakes. But never the magic.
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