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Merana - School for knights and soldiers

Written by FirethornDragon

Merana - School for knights and soldiers is one of the first schools in Aurin. It is placed in Chadal - EN´s capital Aris. The school is only for people that don´t have magic at all. No melends are allowed at the school. At school, you are trained to be a soldier or a knight. So, most of the classes are about combat, and fighting techniques and every student gets their horse.   They also have navy training and have a lot of battleships near the schools’ docks. The students start studying at Merana - School for knights and soldiers when they are thirteen some start when they are fifteen. The school has morning classes where they jog around the school ground. You are randomly put together with five other people that you must share a room with, train with and get through the training with. It is like a military school.   They also teach other things, like history, battle tactics, languages, most of all sign languages, craftmanship, and survival skills and everyone must know how to heal easy wounds and know how to cook, hunt, and set out traps. The school is a fortress built in stone close to the sea, it has private docks, its training grounds and more than one mess hall. You can be from any other ethnicity or culture, as long as you don´t have magic. It is because the school started when magic had not happened yet, and they stuck by it. Especially when three other schools teach magic.   Because it is an old school, they had to do some updates to the building. Like renovating some rooms. They even expanded their stables, battleships and training rooms. They have The Battleground, a small arena where the students can battle out any disagreement they have with other students. But they are not allowed to kill anyone and there is always a teacher present, so no one cheats. If you injure another student with the purpose to kill you will get expelled immediately. The school even plays non-magical wenggium to keep their training in check (Wenggiums History).   During their first year, they train the hardest to build up their muscles. By their second year, they start training in more techniques and by their last year, they are fully trained to serve any kingdom they want. Most of them stay and become a part of the Chadal military. They collide sometimes with Guardians. It is because of the whole magic thing that they can do that the non-magic people can´t do. They feel like Guardians take their job and they don´t want their help if they are forced to work with one. It is a whole pride thing.   Every year at the end of the year the students get rewarded with the best combat fighter, the most skilled captain, who is the best at shooting an arrow and so on, the students have competitions and when they graduate with all the badges, they won during their time at the school are displayed on their scroll that they get with them. The scroll is for the people that will hire them when they have graduated at the age of twenty. They also get badges every time they win something. They have trophies in the hall and every team of six can win an award for best teamwork, best team effort or best leader and so on.   Last year’s students are assigned a team during their last year, and they are responsible for the whole last year. It is always the first year. And it is to make sure they know how to train and take care of a group of people. To see who can lead and who cannot. They are like the first year’s mentors. Everything that they know they are supposed to teach them. Everything that they know about the school they pass down. If the first years break any rules it is on them to take responsibility.   Every student that has taken the navy exam gets to automatically join a crew when they graduate. Some of them even get their ships. Despite Chadal not being at war with anyone they are sending soldiers and knights to help countries when they have a civil war, a dispute or if they need a group of trained soldiers to protect someone or something. They are very skilled fighters and some of them could easily beat a trained guardian. Because of their line of work they sometimes get a no because the person already hired a Guardian from The Magic Council.   At Merana - School for knights and soldiers the students get to craft their signature weapon. They have blacksmiths all around the school ground. But they are not allowed to get to do that before they are in their fourth year. That weapon is supposed to symbolize you and how you fight. So, the weapons don´t always look the same. They even sometimes have ekes from Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves come and help special weapons with the students. Their school uniform is black and orange like the school’s crest. They have their names on their jackets and which grade they are in. But also, if they are the captain of their team, if they are the medic or if they have won a special award. Everything that is of importance to mention is on their jackets. Like some of their badges.   Everyone who graduates from Merana - School for knights and soldiers chooses to stay at the school after they graduated for at least a couple of months before some of them leave. The school share some rooms and training grounds with the soldiers and knights from the Chadals army. Especially the navy. And that is because the students that chose to get a navy exam are supposed to learn from the people that are in that line of work directly.

Together we stand, together we fall

Founding Date
136 F.M (Before Magic)
Educational, School/Academy
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Controlled Territories

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