Galera Culture

Written by FirethornDragon

The Galera Culture are almost only humans. And they get along best with the Ekes Culture. It is because they don´t really care about magic but they believe in the Old Gods like every other culture in Aurin. But it is also because they value craftmanship and like to live alone. They are very skilled warriors and seafarers. And they don´t really like the Melends Culture.   For the Galera Culture the most important thing is their belief in the Old Gods, their ancestors and their weapons and their ships. For them they are sacred. It is also something that is passed down generation to generation. For them it is common to have a sword, an axe or ship that has been passed down from father to son or mother to daughter. They like a simple life where they can live of the land. But they also know because they live in a magic world, they must know how to defend themselves. And that is why they founded Merana - School for knights and soldiers.   For them it is very important to know how to defend yourself in the magic world. Especially the magical beings that exist. They are very skilled hunters. But despite that it is still some off them that is skeptical to the magical beings and the magical world. Especially seers and magical creatures. They see some of them as a bad omen from the gods and they don´t eat the meet from magical animals. Because they don´t want the magic from the meat in their bloodstream.   They believe that magic can be transported through a magical animal’s meat if they eat it. But if you can The law of magic you know that it is not how it works. The Galera Culture looks down on Melends and don´t want anything to do with them. They prefer to exclusively just believe in the Old Gods and denial that magic exist. For them magic should not exist. They dislike magic in all their forms. The worst form of magic for them is healing magic, they see it as black magic.   It is not many people that still is a part of the Galera Culture, but it still exists. Many of them dislike melends about as much as Crehe Culture dislike elves with Fire Sickness (Eld Sjukan). For them magic is a kind of poison that only brings destruction. They like the Ekes Culture most because they can discuss weapons and craftsmanship. They even like the Jahix Culture. Some of them like the Crehe Culture. They don´t like the Brenox Culture because of their brutal culture even do they run in to each other in Merana - School for knights and soldiers a lot. They get some what along with the Pivrane Culture because they also are mostly non magical culture. But they are more acceptable of melends than the Galera Culture is.   Galera Culture is very superstitious and skeptical culture. They don´t like magic and very superstitious to it. They refuse to held melends because they believe that they are demons from Gom Gurihm. The god they fear the most is the god Cothos the God of blood, souls, and life. Because they believe strongly in the legend of Gom Gurihm forest. They stay away from the forest as much as they possible can and always wear a protected symbol around their neck if they are forced to go near the Gom Gurihm forest.   They pray every morning to the gods and every night. They believe that every god thing and every bad thing is a sign from the gods. They also believe that if they do something bad they get punished from the gods by meeting someone from the Melends Culture. For them the mages are Cothos disguised as a regular person with magic.   Most of them wear simple clothes, often with the colors blue, grey, white, and black. They have kings and nobleman. For them is loyalty to their culture and kingdom very important. And saying something bad about a king or their leaders is a very big no. Because they don´t want to risk getting exiled. Despite some of them are traveling through Aurin, they prefer to not leave their own country. They despise the idea of traveling through Aurin among all the odd places, meeting all the magical beings and associate with melends.   If they are traveling they don´t do it with portals. They take ships, horses, or carriages. They travel with almost anything except portals. Portals is their last resort. But most of them would rather chop their own hand of then use a portal. But during the last hundred years they have become more accepting to the idea of portals and magic. They have become more accepting in the idea that it exists. Not that they like it or that they can see themselves use it. But they could see themselves use a portal if it is a matter of life and death.   But there must be someone else with them that is not a mage that have to convince them to take the portal. Because they believe that everything that a mage says to them comes from Cothos himself that is trying to take over their soul and body. They have many rituals that should protect them from magic and magical beings and the Dark Lord. They always wear a talisman and say things that they believe will protect them from evil. Some melends see them as crazy. But for the Galera Culture is only prove that they are right. And the god Cothos is trying to convince them that they are imaging things.   Legends and myths for them are really important stories. They are not fiction. For them everything is true. If it is a legend, myth, story, or history they believe that it is true. It doesn’t matter if it is a fictional fairytale. For them it is true. Just as true as the Gom Gurihm forest is killing people or making them go mad.
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