The Mystical Sea

Written by FirethornDragon

The Mystical Sea is very ancient. No one knows how many different species there are in the water. Many ships have fallen for its storm during the winter, and many know not to fish or swim too far out. The sea lies between Ilrny, Danwor, Giazia, Croydon and what used to be known as Ballaros. The Mystical Sea are in many legends and myths. In many stories about the gods and goddesses. But what it is most famous for nowadays is the ferries that go between Croydon to Ilrny to make the trip over the sea safer.   Students from Felvale usually take the ferries or the portal over the sea to Uraelity - The school of the elves . Where earth mages study healing magic and earth magic from the fourth grade, and students who study advanced potion, herbology and advanced elven language, go there all from their sixth year to their last.   The sea also transports merchant, travellers and elves who travels back home or through Ilrny to get through the other elven countries. The safes way to cross over The Mystical Sea is to travel with the ferries or the patrol ships with Guardians from The Magic Council. Smugglers sometimes travel through The Mystical Sea if they are desperate enough. And are on the run from the patrol ships. Giazia is the capital of the black market. And every pirate, thief or smuggler sells what they stole there. But to get there you must travel through The Mystical Sea or complicated portals that would take weeks. Or around half of Aurin to get to Giazia from the other side. But that usually takes months and months. And sometimes years.   Despite being one of the most dangerous seas in Aurin to sail through, it can be calm when it is not storming season. And if you try to sail through The Mystical Sea during storm season, I pray that you have an experienced captain with you. Because that is guaranteed to be the only way you will survive the tall waves and cold water.   Even it looks calm, pretty, and not like a giant squid living in it. You should know that calm waters can be very deceiving. And even thieves, pirates and smugglers try to find the hidden smuggler routes to try to avoid The Mystical Sea as much as possible. But only during the storm seasons that last three months.
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This is an article for mapvember 2021

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