The Jandara Port

Written by FirethornDragon

The Jandara Port is one of the ports in Croydon - EN. It is a place where the fishermen sell their fish after they have been fishing all morning. Trade ships dock or a place travellers travel through on their way to the elven countries. Often to Ilrny - EN. The seaport also is a dock where the Guardians have their ship if it is too full by the private dock by Felvale EN.   It is also the first dock that they built when king Croydon visited the place so many years ago and founded the castle Felvale and the The Bindred Bridge. The Jandara Port is full of people every time of the day. But mostly during the day, people eat at the local restaurants, cafés and outdoor places. They even have a club founded by the Ramsey twins Leary and Gilroy not too far away from the docks.   Many travellers, merchants and traders come to The Jandara Port to sell, buy, or trade things. Some ships come to the seaport every other month, and some come in every week. Others only come in twice or once a year. Many Crehe (elves) travel through the fares from Ilrny to trade by The Jandara Port. Or to buy things at The Jandara Port. Mostly because they sell things from almost every part of Aurin by The Jandara Port that they don´t usually sell or trade by the eleven cities or villages. They usually strictly only trade or sell things that are from their people or locally except for herbs and plants.   The Jandara Port is part of the oldest part of the city and the island. The ground is not laid out with the stone pathway that the richer part of the city has. It is mostly dirt, and the houses are built of wood. And not the stone that the richer families have. And every house almost looks the same. Some signs make it easier to see if it’s a shop, restaurant, or club. But most of the houses along the dock look the same.   It always smells of fish, sea, and seaweed, and you can hear the seagulls almost constantly. By the docks you can also see people eating their lunches, waiting for ships that travel around Aurin or waiting for a ship for their mission. By night they light torches so you can see the ships and fish boats by the docks. Or lanterns. The street by the dock is lit up by torches at night. Many people that leave or come to Croydon travel through The Jandara Port.  
The Jandara Port at night by Charlotte.S
An acrylic painting, I made of The Jandara Port at night.
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