A sailor's funeral

Written by FirethornDragon

At a sailor’s funeral the people sing a song called I think I am going out to the sea. It is a song that is about the waves taking you home where you always will be. Because for every sailor, every captain, every pirate, or person that love the sea this song is a common song they sing when they are drunk or when they are burring a fellow sailor. The song is about respect even if you don´t like the other sailor. You show respect by burying them by singing this song. The song is about giving a sailor a goodbye but always know that they are where they belong. They are at sea.   No one knows who created the song or how it spread around Aurin. All they know is that this song is sacred to every sailor. And the legend says that the spirit of the sailor will haunt you if you don´t sing the song at their funeral. Or at least sing the song if you burry a sailor even if you don´t know who they are. The ceremony at the funeral can all look different. But what they all have in common is that they gather around if they are more than one person and burry the sailor by burning their body and spreading their ashes in the sea or any type of body of water that they can find. Bu it should be the sea. Especially if it is a funeral you have planned. You can spread the ashes into the sea from a ship, boat or by standing at the shore.   After they have given the dead sailor a toast, they pour out a little bit of their drinks to the ground or the ships deck. The pouring of the drink symbolizes sharing with the fellow sailor. Some even light some candles if it is at night. But they always sing the song at the sailor funeral last after they have been talking about memories.   If you just find a sailor and you don´t know who they are you do everything that you would at regular sailor´s funeral but instead of talking about memories. You give them a small farewell that can be about anything as long as it is respectful. And you always pour a little bit of your drink whatever it is water or alcohol. And when you have poured the drink, you start to sing this song.
The song I think I am going out to the sea

I think I am going out to the sea

Were the seagulls don´t scream

I think I am going out to the sea

Were the waves drums are calling me

I think I am going out to the sea

There my heart will always be

I think I am going out to the sea

Am going out to the sea

And like the tide waves it always comes back to me

I let the whispers carry me

The thunder and storms don’t burry me

The waves drums are telling me

That this is wear my heart will be

So, I think I am going to the sea

The seagulls don´t scream at me

I think I am going to the sea

Were the time of history washes over me

I am going to the sea

Wear my hear will always be
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