The Oarion Bay

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The Oarion Bay is a bay that goes through Ilrny - EN, Ebria - EN and Vogall - EN. Many Crehe (elves) travel through that bay to get past The Mystical Sea. They don´t have to worry about the ship sinking or a giant squid attacking them. And usually not pirates or thieves who are trying to steal or kill them. And along Oarion Bay, you can always meet a nice village or city that is willing to help you or provide you with food for your trip.   They are nice people that have someone always along the bay to make sure that the passengers get through safe and sound. But every traveller must stop at some point during the trip. And many elves usually from Vogall - EN and outer part of Ilrny - EN and almost everyone from Ebria - EN are known for their hospitality. But if you prove yourself to not be trusted or a good person, they will through you out of their cities or villages into the bay without any of your belongings and mark your left underarm with the mark of a thief that will never go away.   But if you are a trusting person, who just travels through they will be the nice people you meet along the bay before it gets back to the sea. You will always find someone who will help you find enough food for your trip and a healer that will look at your wounds. In some of the villages there they don´t have an inn they let the travellers sleep in their houses or provide them with empty room for travellers that passes through The Oarion Bay.   The people that live by The Oarion Bay use the plant Melgra to make sure the travel through the bay at night is safe. And so, you can see where you are going. They even have the plant on the ships or boats that travel through Oarion Bay. Because the elves will never help - some of them - will never help someone foolish enough to travel with fire through elven countries. Even if you are a Melend (magician). You should never travel through the elven countries at night or by day with fire if you ever want their help. Because of their fear and belief in what they call Fire Sickness ( Eld Sjukan )   And if you for some good reason need to travel with fire through elven countries, always keep it in a lantern. Because then they may still help you. Some elves don´t care about that belief anymore but in some countries, they still hold on to it.   Oarion Bay is also known for its entertainment. They have festivals in their villages and cities that live along the bay. And they always let travellers join them in their celebrations. They prefer it if some of the travellers join them. They like to share their food and culture. But not to thieves and pirates.   They also have hunting seasons when they let travellers join them and some places where you can see skilled elves show off their magic or skills. They have competitions and the elves that live close to the borders usually have them amongst each other to see which elf is more skilled Ilrny or from Ebria.   They even have competitions in hunting and bow and arrow. Some of the most prideful of elves live along Oarion Bay. That can be because of their competition and eagerness to show who is better. Even if it is just for that day, a week, a few months or one year. Travellers find their culture entertaining and usually stay a few more days along the bay just to join them in their festivities. The people along the bay usually get a visit from their friends across the sea, the jahix people that like to join them in their competitions in hunting, shooting an arrow and proving their skills. And to maintain their friendships.
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