Dead Man's Port

Written by FirethornDragon

Dead Man's Port is the capital of Rubros - EN. It is an island-based country out in the The Cyies Ocean. Dead Man's Port is also the capital of the pirates. Many famous pirates and lawless people live and visit the Dead Man's Port. The island is a haven for them. It is a place for people that love the sea and live their own lives without having to answer to anyone else but their captain.   In Dead Man's Port, the weather is always warm. It rains from time to time but mostly it is a very sunny place. It never snows in Dead Man's Port and sometimes The Cyies Ocean has storm season but the capital doesn´t have much problem with that. Because it is surrounded by all the other island that is part of Rubros - EN.   The place is mostly visited and lived by pirates. They have a lot of docks around the island where they have their ships. The Riddle of the Sea (Havets Gåtor) have their base there. It is also founded there by Ulrika Denholm. And the person that is The Key (Nyckeln) has a lot of power in Dead Man's Port. It is because The Key is the one that is supposed to make sure the other pirates don´t try to steal from one other.   They don´t have a king or queen. It is more than the pirate's rule Rubros - EN. It is more their guild Riddle of the Sea that rules Rubros. And mostly Dead Man's Port. Because they trust that they will be able to keep living in peace with each other as long as The Key keep an eye on them. But they don´t have anyone that is in charge. But they have laws among them that they follow very strictly because none of them wants to be exiled. They can only be exiled from Dead Man's Port if there is a majority to send them into exile.   Around Dead Man's Port, there are a lot of tree houses, with straw roofs. Palm trees grow around the island and a lot of vit sand covers the beaches. The water in The Cyies Ocean looks almost red. Some even call it The Red Sea. Even do the people who lived at Mandor before it become the Dead Man's Port were not pirates, most of them are nowadays pirates. They are great friends with the people in Gigarzia - EN at the black market. Most of them even work together to sell things or find different things they want.   They even help each other to keep up to date with the secret routes around Aurin and portals that you can take without any Guardians from The Magic Council finding out. There are no portals into Dead Man's Port. They don´t allow any portals in the capital. That is because they don´t want the law to be able to hunt them down easily.   Dead Man's Port is the only place where the pirates can drink and relax and live their life like normal life. Without having to worry about the law coming knocking on their door. They eat their fruits, grill their meat, and fish and just hang around people that understand them and live by the same code as them.   Dead Man's Port have a lot of different bases where they have lockouts that they switch every other hour to look out for their enemies. And if you break their code or betray them you can get exiled from Dead Man's Port. And all of them will treat you like air if they meet you again. And they will kill you if you come back to Dead Man's Port if you get exiled. When it is time for the festival in Flameport most of them travel there to celebrate with the people from Giazia - EN.   Every time a pirate returns home to Dead Man's Port all of them will welcome them home like an old friend. They will celebrate with food, drink, and some card games. And they will let the whole island know that the crew or the person is back home. Even if you let go of that life and stopped being a pirate, they will still welcome you the same way. If you did not get exiled. For them, that bond as a brother and sisterhood is everything. If you once were a part of them, you will always be a part of them. For them, you will always be considered as family. And when you die they will all show up if you have a funeral and sing the song A sailor's funeral. And if you are being buried by Guardians or Guardian land or property they will be at your funeral on their ships.   But they will be the loudest singers and they will insist that they will be the ones that spread the person's ashes out in the sea. At least some part of it. The people from Dead Man´s Port will give everyone that they know a proper sailor's funeral because to them they are saying goodbye to a friend and a family member.
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33 E.M
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