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Kheru - EN

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Kheru is the capital of Neros - EN. And one of the most famous capitals in Aurin. The people of Khreu makes the famous Gatiro wine of the Gatiro bär. Kheru is also famous for their exotic food and all the species that they sell. They get visited by the Ekes Culture and from merchants that are traveling there just to by their wine. A lot of pirates visit the place too to by their wine. And when Flameport have their months of vacations for seafarers they by a lot of the wine from Kheru. Most of the income that Kheru get is by exporting their wine.   The people of Kheru (Befolkningen av Kheru) are part of the Pivrane Culture. And they believe a lot in the power of being able to create things and charging it with the world and being able to survive in that way. They are usually not many melends that are born in their culture. But it happens from time to time.   The capital is in the biggest island in Neros. And it has a lot of tree houses, beaches, and a lot of green around the island. They people at Kheru can speak most of the languages that exist in Aurin. At least some words and sentences in the other languages. They are very good businesspeople and know how to make a deal. But they want it to be fair even if they talk down the price. Most of them get along with every person that visit Kheru. For them it is fun to meet all the new people or people that keep coming back.   The city has a lot of life in it and a lot of hospitality. They like to help and welcome everyone that visit them. They are natural in the politics that exist in Aurin. And they will not get involved in it. For them the thing between pirates and the law or the Guardians from The Magic Council and the law are not something that they want to get involved in. So, they had made their capital Kheru a safe haven. They don´t want any arguments or fights in their capital. And they will send away anyone that starts a fight in their capital. The law outside of their capital can wait until they are outside of their capital.   The island itself is a very tropical environment. There is a lot of greenery around the island. The weather is mostly warm, sometimes it rains, and the island have a rainy season every six months. The rain season last for about one month. But they still get a lot of visitors, travelers, and merchants. The people of Neros don´t have a king or queen. They are different clans that do different types of craftsmanship. And they live in different areas of the capital. They are friendly with each other and get a long quite well. The clans also guard their secrets about who they make their craftsmanship close to their heart.   The Ekes Culture like to visit them to see how they do what they do. Even do they usually don´t get the knowledge they want they keep coming back to Kheru. The capital has one port that the visitors come to. The port is a big one and close to the market where they sell most of their stuff. The market takes up most of the capital by the port and there is always a lot of people there. They sell everything from different craftsmanship, food, fruits, and spices. A lot of them are fisherman to. The inns around the capital are for the merchants and travelers that visit Kheru.   A lot of Ekes, visit the capital so much that some of them have houses there. Some of them live there or uses the houses when they visit. For some of them Kheru is a vacation spot. Some of the Crehe Culture visit the island from time to time to study the different plants, herbs and spices that they can use in healing. Some of the Jahix Culture also visit Kheru to study the herbs and plants from time to time. Especially the students from Chaddo the school of the orcs. Melends and people of the Galera Culture visit the island the least.   Melends usually visit the island when they have vacations or when they are working and tracking down people that have fled for them law. But they can´t arrest anyone until they left Kheru. But if you break the law in Kheru then you can get arrested I Kheru but you can´t get arrested for breaking any laws outside of Kheru. It is their law, and they would like everyone else to remember that. Especially the Guardians from The Magic Council. So, they did not have to throw them out of their capital all of them time.
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