Pivrane Culture

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The Pivrane Culture consist primarily of humans. It rarely happens that magicians are born in the Pivrane Culture or any different species than humans. Most of them live simple lives in the magic world. They are known for being skilled in crafts from clothes, and jewels to drinks, especially Gatiro wine. And they love to learn new things.   Most of them like adventure and they don´t have anything against new humans. They are curious about anything that they don´t know anything about. Unlike the Galera Culture they don´t have anything against magic. The Pivrane Culture is not as brutal as the Brenox Culture. But they are not as much for the nature as Crehe Culture or Jahix Culture.   But they are curious about anything revolving the other cultures. Despite most of them not being mages they don´t have anything against travelling around the magic world. They are not as sceptical about the magic world as the Galera Culture. And they take everything that they are learning with a pinch of salt. They speak most of the languages that exist in Aurin fluently. If you want information from them, you can trade them with an object or information that is new to them, it can be about anything.   Most of them are known for being skilled merchants. They know how to trade and get what they want. Despite that, it is important to them that everything happens even when they are bargaining. The people in the Pivrane Culture do not like lies or when people go against what they see as being respectable and honourable. For them, it is important, to be an honest and respectable person.   They believe like everyone else in Aurin in the Old Gods. They mostly pray to the goddess Kraasis Goddess of beer, wine and poison and Lagborh God of blacksmiths, craftmanship and occupations, just like the Ekes Culture, some from the Brenox Culture and people from the Galera Culture. For the Pivrane Culture Lagborh and Krassis is the most important gods. They pray to them daily.   Because without their skill in exotic cooking, their drinks from the Gatiro bär and craftmanship they would not have a trading activity. And for them, that is what forms their culture. They love the craftsmanship, jewellery, food and drinks and everything they can create with it.   The Pivrane Culture likes harmony and tries to live in harmony. They don´t like chaos or anything that disturbs their existence. For them, the most important thing is that everything is in balance. When it comes to family, they believe that relationships come and go. They are okay with divorces because they believe that people are not meant to stay in their lives forever. When it comes to their kids, they like to teach them as much as they can. For them, the most important thing is to teach their kids as much knowledge as possible and as much about society as possible. Everything from legends to historical events to being respectful to other cultures and nature.   For them the most important thing is balance. But also, pay respect to nature and everything in it but they also pray to the gods for their success and happiness. They believe that the goddess Kraasis visits them in human form from time to time to buy wine from them. Or to check on their bushes and plants to do their wines and every other alcohol.   In the Pivrane Culture, they have kings and queens. But they don´t have as much power anymore as they used to. They have more clans in their culture that focus on different things. All other clans are specific in their things like clothes, jewellery, or wine. They are clans that are best in their craftsmanship, and they have done it for generations. And they keep secrets close to their chest. They sell spices that don´t exist in most of Aurin. And they sell it to merchants that visit them with their ships. Especially from the dwarfs that like to visit them from time to time to study how they make their craftsmanship in jewellery. They also get visits from other cultures that are curious about how they make their wine. The Pivrane Culture is also known for making their stained-glass art and how they use their art and craftsmanship to create unique things.   Things that often don´t exist in the rest of Aurin.   When it comes to their clothes, they like a lot of orange and yellow. They like to wear layers of clothes and garments in those colours and jewellery. They usually wear earrings, and piercings on their eyebrows and some wear nose rings. For them, it symbolizes how much status in society they have or how successful they are. The more earrings and piercings in their eyebrows they have the more money they have. They only allow portals in specific places but for the most part, they don´t allow portals in their countries. Because they don´t want portals everywhere in their country.
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