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The Elven Culture

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The elven culture called Creheth in their languages is one of the many cultures in Aurin. Crehe means elves in their languages and elves in the common languages that everyone else speaks. Except the Jahix Culture, with a few exceptions. The elven languages are Mewati, Eyasy, Churrina , the common languages and for those that live close to the The Oarion Bay also speak a language that the elves have created with some jahix. They have sign language that they speak with each other when they don´t want anyone else to understand.   The Crehe Culture is one of the oldest cultures in Aurin after Jahix Culture and the Bernox Culture. The elves believe in respect for nature and its creatures, just like their brothers and sisters across the ocean. They are very skilled healers and that is one of the things that they value the most in their culture.   Mostly the Crehe Culture revolves around the Tree of Life (Livets Träd). The Tree of Life is their main religion and their second one is the Old Gods. Their Goddess is Genesis, the goddess of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is in the capital Ilvoy - EN Ilrny in the royal families castle Arlendon. For creheths the Tree of Life means everything. The tree is a part of almost everything in their culture from their funerals, when the creheths create an arrow out of the Tree of Life’s branches, from how they chose a partner with the crehe rings that are creamed the Tree of Life’s flowers when she blooms once a year, sometimes but rarely twice a year. Because the Tree of Life means everything to them and they believe that the goddess Genesis is a part of the tree, everything that revolves around the tree in their culture is secured. Their strictest law says that no one can go against Genesis's decision.   Throughout elven history about the Duel between the clans (Duellen mellan klanerna) to the Ordeal in Ilrny have something to do with their belief in Genesis. But also, the conflict that it created. Every crehe believes that the goddess is the reason for their nature and magi the magicians them. That she is the reason that they can have their monastery Wenekadi, Arlendon's Royal Garden and the rest of their wonderful nature.   Because of their love for nature and their respect for it they fear that something might happen to the Tree of Life. And that is the reason they fear fire crehe. They call it Fire Sickness (Eld Sjukan). They believe that it is something that the gods have punished them with for dishonouring their ancestors. Crehes believe that traditions exist for a reason and have a hard time with change. They like things as they are, in their rightful place and know that everything works the way it should. Despite that, they still have different views among them. Especially with the crehetherna from Izea - EN when it comes to their views on Fire Sickness.   Some elven countries have started to change their views on something and started to become more acceptable but not entirely. The elves from Ilrny have a hard time with fire crehe. But some of them have started to become more accepting. Something some of them dislike more than fire crehe is same-sex couples. Some of the crehe countries have changed the history of the two same-sex goddesses Lehsin the Goddess of the Moon and Sky and Qisella the Goddess of Stars and the Night Sky. Something that is partly difficult for them because according to the legends and myths the goddess Leshin is one of the two sisters to their goddess Genesis. And Genesis would never deny any of her two sisters the right to be happy no matter who they love. Even if it is with someone of the same gender.   But because some crehe countries have changed the legends and the myths they can say that it is not the truth. But everyone that visits The Library of Knowledge can read the truth for themselves. So, because of the crehes view on same-sex couples, the crehe that are interested in the same gender created a symbol for them to recognize each other. The symbol is a moon and a star that are supposed to represent the two goddesses Lehsin and Qisella. They wear the symbol either as a neckless or a bracelet. It is not illegal to be married to a same-sex couple in some of the elven countries, but it is illegal to get married in many of the elven countries as a same-sex couple. Many crehes want to change that law. But that fight will be difficult.   When it comes to how the crehetherna speak to each other they always call each other by their last name. The only time they don´t do that is when they are family, close friends, dating or they have given each other permission to call each other by their first name. If you want to insult a crehes in record time, call them by their first name without their permission. They will never call you by your first name until you have changed that mistake by yourself and call them by their last name. For them, it is all about respect.   Crehe often has a Queen as their ruler instead of a king. Especially in Ilrny where they only have daughters as their heirs. The Queen must also prove that she is worthy of the throne bypassing the Ordeal. She also has her bodyguards called Outrider (Spanarna). Their job is more to make sure that the future queen doesn’t die and is safe before her Ordeal. Not that the future Queen needs it she has been trained to fight since she was five years old. The Throne room - Arlendon shows how the future Queen wants to represent herself in front of her people.   When it comes to the royal family, especially in Ilrny they always add the word More to the heir's first name, so it becomes a part of their first name. It is to signal to everyone else who she is. In some traditions, no other crehe is allowed to have the same name as any of the living members of the royal family. That is to make it clear who is part of the royal family and not. Crehether also always have some connection to nature in their first name, last name or second name.   Most of the elves as a species are very good with bow and arrow, sure in their aim and most of them are earth mages. Because of their love of nature and most of them are earth magicians they created their school Uraelity - The school of the elves. The school teaches mostmainlyrything about healing from healing magic that comes with being an earth mage. They even allow melends (magicians) from The Magic Council´s school Felvale-EN to study healing, potions, earth magic and herbology at their school. And because of that, they can´t band fire melends from The Council to enter their school or the school ground but they don´t like it. But they will try to do it because according to them you are breaking the law. Even so, they technically can´t do anything about it.   Every crehe country in Aurin is Ilrny, Cyessa - En, Ewrai - EN, Ebria - EN, Danwor - EN, Izea - EN, Vogall - EN, Ayeon - EN, Liwron - EN, Otherion - EN and Rahegos - EN. Iroya - EN is technically speaking a crehe country also but they have chosen to not belong to the Crehe Culture and are instead a part of the Galera Culture.
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