Smoke moss

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If you see pink, your already dead

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The moss releases green smoke during the months it reproduces. The green smoke carries around small seeds that are caught up in the wind. Invisible to human eyes. It usually emits the smoke at most during the rainy seasons. Because the moss needs the wet soil and wet surfaces of the water to grow and cling to. When it releases the green smoke, Jahix usually pick the moss. Because then even they can eat it after they dry the moss. It is a rare delicacy. They pick out the seeds and spread them around their territory, during the reproducing seasons, in hope the moss scares off enemies, dangerous animals and keeping other clans away from their borders.

Growth Rate & Stages

Smoke moss grows quite quickly if it has the right conditions. The fastest it has grown to its full length is three days.

Ecology and Habitats

Smoke moss prefers foggy places, preferably damp places. Somewhere near wetlands and usually covers several meters of land. It rarely grows on trees and stones. It prefers wetlands and sometimes swamps. During rainy seasons when it does not reproduce, you can see all the glows of smoke stuck in the fog like the Northern Lights. Namagurhoq builds its nests near the Smoke moss. And is one of the few animals that copes with and is adapted to eat the plant. Snakes also have a tendency to nest in the moss and eat off the animals that have fallen victim to the poison of moss.

Biological Cycle

The moss hibernates itself for three months each year. That changes every year depending on when the rainy season was at its peak. If it has been very much rain that year, the moss probably never ended up hibernated. If it has not been much rain that year. Then the moss can emit a silvery smoke that many may misinterpret too white. The silvery smoke means that the moss is dying and needs water and will die if you pluck it from its environment. Unless you are a knowledgeable healer and know how to safely remove the moss and store it, you should never pick it.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Smoke moss is rarely used in medicine and potions due to its explosive nature and very difficult handling of the plant itself. The moss is widely used in Jahix festivals. Like when they start their hunting season, funerals and when to honor their ancestors. They use the smoke during the show of their war dances, the moss itself to hunt and the moss smoke in lanterns to light up the sky during funerals and to honor their ancestors. When someone has died, they use the pink, silvery and white color. When they honor any of their ancestors, they use the green, white, and purple color.   The moss is also used in lanterns out at sea. The smoke creates a kind of colorful light when you mix them with a fire stone. The light lasts longer than a normal light and you can use the smoke to send signals out over the sea. Smoke moss’s ability to give out different kinds of colors through its smoke means that it is also used for paint, by pushing the liquid out of the moss itself. Moss smoke can also be used to make poison arrows. But it is a secret only Jahix know about.   It is also used to track Namagurhoq. A bird known for its Northern Light-like wings, in pink, purple and blue. And its ability to make your deepest desires come true - according to Jahix own myths and legends. Smugglers also sell the moss for a lot of money on the black market. But only desperate people buy Smoke moss from the black market. You should never buy the moss from someone who is not knowledgeable in how to deal with it. This also applies to healers, potion artists and to be able to take out its smoke for paint.   If you do not handle it right, it could be the last thing you ever do.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Smoke moss is used in many parts of Aurin. But mostly in the Jahix countries. Also in some parts of the Crehe countries. Especially down in Ilrny, Ilvoy. And it's used by smugglers and sold on the black market down in Gigazia and Dead Man's Port.

Average Intelligence

The moss is very intelligent. It senses dangers through the vibrations in the ground and when someone gets too close to their area. They are also said to have hearing, but that is not true. The moss senses the vibrations in the ground and in the water and determines whether it sees you as a threat or not. The moss is very sensitive to touch. That's what determines whether it sees you as a threat or not. And it can sense if you're more than one person coming at it. The moss relies heavily on the fog that surrounds it and its feel if there is any threat on the way.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Smoke moss releases its smoke depending on how it perceives the danger around it. Red is warning from the moss not to get any closer. Blue is to sedate the creature or person stupid enough to try to take the moss by force. Purple is poison and can paralyze someone regardless of size for no more than five hours. Yellow means it doesn't see you as a threat. And when it releases its gray smoke, you've managed to make the moss explode. Something it only does after you ignored its red smoke. When the moss explodes, many have described it as seeing a Phoenix catch fire. If you see the moss emitting white smoke then you are safe. The white smoke means that the moss is in hibernation. That's usually when Melends (magicians) pick the plant. Silvery smoke means that the moss is dying and in need of water. And should never be picked then - unless you are knowledgeable about how to pick the moss. If you see pink, you're already dead.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

In Jahix culture, moss is used for a lot. It is used to catch and hunt the bird Namagurhoq, to keep enemies and other clans away, at funerals and to honor their ancestors. Even at festivals and their war dances. They have been using the moss for centuries and are the most knowledgeable in how the moss works. Some clans test outsiders with the moss to see if they survive or not. It's a test for them to see if you're smart enough to survive or if the moss sees you as a threat, and kills you.

Common Taboos

In Jahix culture, it is taboo to pick Smoke moss when it emits its silver smoke. If you pick it then and don't know how to handle it, you could be sentenced to death. Because the moss is used for so much in their culture. They don't like smugglers who come by to try to steal the moss and sell it on the black market. If they see you trying to steal their moss, you are happy if you get away alive.

Long Xae and Ogyon
1000 years
Average Height
3-8 cm
Average Length
1-4,5 meter
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The moss has a dark green color, almost against black. It makes it pop in well with its surroundings. You have to look for its smoke to make sure you pick the right one. Otherwise, you can come back with anything. After all, the moss hides in very dark, wetlands and sometimes inside the deepest of swamps.
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