The first magicians


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Before there was elemental magic, there were seers. Everyone in today’s Aurin thinks that magic has only existed for a couple of hundred years. but if you investigate the history books and read the old legends and myths you will find it not to be true. The legends have it that seers were the first magicians and that they only were women who inherited this power and gift from mother to daughter.      

Myth or legend

Today there are no seers left, according to the word of mouth, and many believe the seers to be a made-up story to scare people. But is not a made-up story. Seers have existed since the beginning of time. They were people that studied the crystals and learned about The Rychell Crystal and invented the old runes as part of their language but also as a form to transfer their magical powers into the runes. Something that has now been long lost even though the runes still exists in certain places like The Torasu Archive and in The Magic Council, especially in the courtroom in Felvale_EN.      
Many people are curious about the runes and the stories they tell. Even we scholars, historians, archaeologists, linguistics, and Book Guardians can´t read all of them. We barely understand the ones we do. Every rune can mean one thing or five things. It is how they are written down with the other runes that build the meaning behind them. The only people that are said to understand these runes completely are seers. Unfortunately, there is no proof they ever existed. So, we may never understand this mysterious language completely.  
— Book Guardian talking about the runes in rune class at Felvale
      Even so, the seers have greatly influenced how Aurin looks today. They helped build the Long Xae dynasty, serving kings, queens, and the nobility. They were also healers down in Chegva and Wenekadi. Some believe they co-founded Chaddo the school of the orcs. Their religion and belief in the old gods still exist throughout Aurin, and many of their gods also remain. Although many don't know it, the seers are why much of what exists in Aurin today within cultures like the jahix, melend, and brenox are influenced by them. Although most people believe they never existed.      

The history of the seers

The first seers came from Sogal around 8 F.M. (Before Magic). They are among the first people to build a civilization in Aurin. The seers were said to be women of knowledge, but people started to fear their unknown powers and their ways of studying what they preserved to be odd and unnatural like the Rychell Crystals (the article in Swedish Rychell Kristall). So, they moved around Aurin to keep their people safe and to make sure that they did not die out.       Some of them stayed in Sogal and become part of the people of Sorreph (the article in Swedish Folket av Sorreph) that is out in the Sorreph desert (the article in Swedish Sorreph öknen). They lived there in peace, but no one knows if they are still out there. Some others moved down to Long Xae and helped build the Long Xae Dynasty.       They were even sought out in the past to predict the future and hired to work for the nobles and the kings and queens. But when the fear becomes more powerful, they become hunted, they become fewer and had to hide. And in today’s world with elemental magic, it has become easier for the few that are still alive to blend in. Even do most people believe them to be a myth or a legend, there are people out there who think they still exist. In Aurin some secret organizations are trying to find proof of seers. Some because they want to know their culture and some because they want to use their ability to see the future, the past, and the present.      
Seers worked for kings, queens, and nobles, mostly because it kept them safe. At the same time, it was because they could see their impact on the future and the present. They knew that with the right help they could build civilizations and societies, and they did. Great ones. Almost all of them are still standing to this day, like Sogal and Long Xae. Even the capital Grosava, the kingdom Rahegos and the capital Kheru in Neros. They could see the end of wars and the beginning of them. Even so, they could not always see everything. There were always uncertainties the further into the future one tried to see. Many believe that this is what led to their downfall. If they ever existed.  
— A quote from Master Belerel at her history class in Felvale.

Truth tellers

For the seers no matter who they worked for, it was important to them to always tell the truth. That's what the people who hired them valued them for. Because if they lied it could hurt them even more. If they told the truth, there was less chance of them getting hurt, if the vision became true.       It was also something they held onto in their culture as well. For them, the truth is their greatest value. After all, they can see the future, the past, and the present. So, they know when someone is lying, but they don't want to be disrespectful to someone by watching without their permission. Therefore, they value the truth, and they treat others with the same truth. Even so, they could sense in the magic if there was anything they needed to be careful of or around. But it's just a warning signal.       If you lie to a seer, there is a high risk that they will never forgive you. To them, one's words are powerful as they have seen how their powers can affect the ancient runes. For the words have power, writing has power, and therefore when someone speaks it should carry a weight of honesty. And not weighed down by lies. Even though they value honesty, that doesn't mean they don't know how to keep a secret. If there is something they do not want to talk about for various reasons, they will rather remain silent or change the subject, instead of going against their value of honesty.      

The fear of the unknown

People started to fear the seers when they realized the powers, they held in telling the future the present, and the past but also the powers they had over the old runes. They controlled something that no one else could control or understand. They used things no one else used like the Rychell Crystals that could hide messages and they somehow could write the old runes in a way that made them magical. In this time before elemental magic, the seers were the only people that held some form of magic. They had learned to use the magical energy in everything that existed around them. They could feel it. But it was when they started to experiment with these things that made other people start to be wary of them.       The more the seers grew into power and started to explore what they could do, the more people thought they were starting to go against the will of the old gods. They did not know any other people blest with this ability. After a while, that dangerous thought become something that people that wanted the seers gone spread around. Usually, those people were jealous of the seer’s status in society. And this becomes their downfall. The people that used to pray for them started to turn against them. Mostly why they had to move away from their hometown, and some had to leave their home country because they fear what seers were capable of. If they could manipulate the old runes with magic, what else were they capable of, that scared the other people of power more than anything.       But some started to hunt them down and fear them because of the visions they had. If you asked them for a vision, they would give it to you after asking you if, you are sure. If your answer was yes, they would give you the whole truth. That also meant that some people hated what the seers told them, and some fear them. They did not want to believe in the visions, but a seer’s vision is rarely wrong. And now they are the current history's most unsolved question.
the first magicians chronicle

Some of their traditions that still exist in today’s Aurin

  • Qathein

How seers communicate with each other

  Seers communicate with each other by using their powers to see the future and the present and send out thoughts to each other.       For them, it is natural to speak without words or answer each other’s sentences without someone having to finish them. Sometimes they forget about this when they are around other people that are not seers.       When they speak to each other they use the old language and when they write to each other they use the old runes. It is because they know that they are the only ones that fully understand it.


When the Seers buried one of their own, they wrapped the body in cloth and burned it. They believed that if you burned the body, its spirit and ashes would become one with magic.     They also hung a Noya Edo amulet around the dead body. They believed that the amulet would protect one in the afterlife and protect one's spirit. In addition to burning the bodies, they made small towers of stones with ancient runes that wrote the person's name.       They put magic over these runes through their seer powers so that no one could dishonour the grave of the dead.       For the Seers, these burial sites were sacred. They always laid down their weapons on the ground next to them to show respect when they visited the graves or when they passed by them, and then they put away their weapons. They saw it as disrespectful to go in armed.       Therefore, every time they visit or pass through a burial site, they carry a Noya Edo amulet. Long Xae later took over their protective amulets as part of their culture.

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