Yazur tea

Written by FirethornDragon

Yazur tea is a traditional drink in the Jahix Culture. They drink it at birthdays and funerals and when they are celebrating something big like a birth of a child or marriage. The Yazur plant grow in the swamps around the Jahix countries. The only eatable thing about the Yazur plant is the rots and the leaves. The leaves are what you use when you make the tea.   The Yazur tea has a bitter taste. But the people of the Jahix Culture likes the bitter taste of the tea. It colors the tea water in a deep green color. Some sweeten the tea with honey. And some even put in some drops of lemon. The Yazur tea is the most traditional tea and drink in the whole Jahix Culture. They have a whole tea ceremony depending on if it is a wedding or birth of a child. The tea ceremony during the wedding celebrates the union of the two families and during the birth the tea ceremony celebrates the celebrations of a new life. They also have a tea ceremony during funerals. And then it is to say goodbye.   Some parts of it are different depending on if it is a funeral, birth, or wedding. But the ceremony for the birth and the funeral is the same except for one important thing. They don´t pour the tea out in an empty teacup by the end of it as they do when someone is born.   The Yazur tea ceremony started when they founded the Long Xae dynasty. Before that they always drunk tea when they were nomads. But they never really had a tea ceremony. But when they founded the country Long Xae they decided to start making traditions and they started with the tea. Because it is something that always been part of their culture.   And they have always been drinking Yazur tea. They found the plant for the first time when they fallowed some of their animals that had strayed. And they found the plant out in the swamp. And some of them tested to see if you could eat it. And they discovered that you can. At least the leaves and the rots. The rots make a good soup. And the leaves are for the Yazur tea. The healers at Chegva also discovered that the Yazur leaves have healing powers. They boost the immune system, it good for the heart and are good for the bones. The rots have a lot of vitamins, good for the stomach and it says it can heal headaches if you do a powder of the rots and mix it with some hot water.   The Yazur tea ceremony always start with the making of the tea. And that is a whole step by step process. First you have to start with the leaves. If you take to many leaves the Yazur tea gets too strong. And if you take to little the Yazur tea dose not taste anything. It just tastes like hot water. After that you must make sure that the leaves are almost like a powder. When you have boiled the water, you must make sure to have the leaves is in the hot water for exact five minutes. More or less than that the taste gets all wrong.   After that the first person that should be served is the oldest to the youngest. And no one is allowed to drink from the tea before the oldest have taken a sip of their tea. And you must hold the teacup with two hands. But you must let the tea sit for at least thirty seconds before you drink it.   The Yazur tea are not only something that people drink in the Jahix Culture some Guardians also drink it. It is because the Jahix Culture tradition has spread to the Croydon Island when they traded with the other countries. And after some hundreds of years it spread to the Croydon Island.   And all of them drink it to their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Something that the people of the Jahix Culture don´t approve of but they wont say anything. Because they don´t really care because they are not part of their culture. So, they are okey with it, but they don´t approve of it. And if you are at their house or in their company, they will not serve you the Yazur tea. Because when you are in their company, they feel like you should respect their tradition. Just like their respect yours.

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