Long Xae

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Long Xae is the oldest country in Aurin. It is a very old civilization. The people there have a rich history and culture. Long Xaes capital is Gwangdong - EN. Long Xae is a country that consists of only an island. The capital Gwangdong is on the largest of the islands and used to be protected by The Corstelis Tower. The tower is nowadays used for military purposes. But before that, the tower was the last defence before the enemies reached the capital. It is because of that tower that Long Xae have lasted as it has for centuries.   They have an ancient and rich culture. History that is thought in schools, especially Chaddo The school of the orcs. That is the oldest school in the whole of Aurin. Long Xae is part of Jahix_Culture. Jahix values tradition, their goddess, respect for nature and hunting and most of their civilizations are built on clans. And some of them are still nomads like the orcs. They are respectful of their elders and people with higher status than them. And believe that you get respect by showing you good of a fighter you are.   Long Xae´s crest is of the bird Namagurhoq_EN that means coloured beauty in their language. It is a bird that resembles a peacock and a phoenix. It is also a bird that says grant wishes if it finds you worthy. The bird origin from Long Xae and it lives by the Smoke moss that is covered all over the swamps in the forests. Long Xae have a lot of statues of gods and goddesses around their islands. The royal family's crest is everywhere, and they are the only family who is allowed to wear purple. That is to represent the bird Namagurhoq_EN.   Because of how old their country is Long Xae have lots of myths and legends. Some of them are about the bird Namagurhoq, the Chameleon Snake that they hunted for its skin and about one of their goddesses Aulla. According to legends Aulla was one of them before she died. She has many different stories, myths, and legends but all of them are agreeing on that she was a jahix. A jahix that the gods blessed with an immortal soul. And the chance to join them, which she did. According to legends. They claim her as their goddess and have lots of their daughters named after her as their middle name. It is the middle name because they believe that it should only be one jahix called by the name Aulla. It is about respect. Every jahix has some time in their life to visit Aulla's Altar. The people of Long Xae are a little bitter that the most popular altar is not in their own country anymore. Qahai, Youngar och Usuin used to be part of the Long Xae dynasty. But the countries still trade with each other.   The people of Long Xae have four languages and they are Aikirati, Wonbarhi, Tyiatin and Osgnyesh. They have four languages because Qahai - EN used to be a part of their country, until a few years ago. When the emperor of Long Xae granted them their wish to become independent. And some of their islands are close to Danwor - EN and Crehe (elven) country that also is a country that is only based on islands and Qahai is close to Ewador - EN that is a Pivrane - (lever inom de gul och orange markerade områderna.) country. It means that they aren´t melends (magicians) they are regular humans. Because of their different ethnicities and cultures, they had to make up a way to communicate with each other.   So, they had a language they used when they talked to the people who lives in Qahai. And when they traded with the people from what know days is known as Danwor they had to create a language that was a mix of the two languages. That later become known as Tyiatin. The people of Qahai speak a different language than the Long Xae, but some words are the same. But because of that, when the Qahai people traded with their neighbours Ewador and Danwor, they had to create a language they all could speak, and that language become Osgnyesh. It was also made so that the officers from Long Xae could understand if the merchants between Ewador and Qahai were lying to them.   When they travel through to Youngar and Usuin also jahix countries, they either speak in Wonbarhi or Aikirati. They don´t even bother learning one of the common languages in Aurin because in their head they are the oldest country. People should learn how to talk their languages. Because of that every diplomat from The Magic Council have to learn at least one of the jahix languages. And the Portal Guardians must learn all of the languages because they don’t know where they will end up.   Long Xae is a very beautiful country. They pride themselves on their rich and colourful clothes, their food, buildings that are older than some countries and their history but also their sea, cities, forests, wildlife, and of course their culture. The weather in Long Xae change depending on the season. It can snow in some places if it gets too cold. And some have more rain. Despite them being prideful of their country and their history and still believing that the three countries Qahai, Youngar and Usuin are part of their dynasty, they don´t like to talk about how they lost does countries. They will deny it until they are dead or until you give up.   They have had civil wars with Qahai for years. Usuin and Youngar were better fighters and trained so they won their independence through war. But that doesn’t mean that it is all good between the countries. If it were not for Youngar's promise that they would help Qahai if they ever got into a war with Long Xae, they would still be part of Long Xae. Despite that, they can still be respectful and polite towards each other. The jahix in Usuin and Youngar don´t have a ruler, just clans. And even do they are not a part of the dynasty anymore they still see the emperor of Long Xae as their emperor.

Nothing is stronger than tradition

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