The Corstelis Tower

Written by FirethornDragon

Corstelis is a very old tower. It is built before the element magic came to Aurin. And is one of the oldest buildings in Long Xae. It is an old tower they used to use for looking out for enemies. The tower is very high, and the only way up is to take the five hundred stairs. It takes a while to get up and down, so they do it in shifts. It is just an old tower that is part of Long Xae´s history.   They use it as a trial to get into the military nowadays. If you survive a week in the tower then you are in. Some quits before the first-day end. The Corstelis Tower is a legend to be hunted and the wind makes it sound like howls in the night. It gets dark at nighttime, and you can hear every creak. And the lights usually blow out as quickly as you light them. And with all the scary folklore that goes around in Long Xae, as one of the oldest countries in Aurin, they have a lot of them.   So, it is a test of courage to get into the Long Xae army. The Corstelis Tower has a lot of history around it. Many heroes have seen the wars coming from that tower. They had a drum that they used to hit when they saw the danger. And because of that tower, the country has survived as long as they have.   The Corestelis Tower is before the capital on a small island outside the sea. And the sea is the only way to get to the capital in Long Xae. Long Xae is an island-based country. And they have a lot of watch towers. But the most famous one is The Corestelis Tower. And the five hundred stairs make it hard to get to the top. Some have given up on getting to the top and some have not. Sometimes The Corestelis Tower is more famous for its stairs than what it did for the county’s history.
Founding Date
238 F.M (before magic).
Aurin Världs Karta
Världskarta över Aurin. World map of Aurin

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This article is for Mapvember 2021!

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