Winter Star Festival

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Winter Star Festival is a winter festival that is celebrated in the Jahix Culture. Every other culture has something like the Winter Star Festival during the winter or their definition of winter even if it doesn’t snow in their country. The Winter Star Festival is a festival where they celebrate that it is the new year. It is the 31 of Illius. That is when what used to be called the Long Xae dynasty usually is covered in snow even in Giazia - EN.   They celebrate the Winter Star Festival to celebrate the falling stars which usually happens around that time. And celebrate that the two goddesses Qisella and Lehsin created the stars and got together. And when they fell in love, they blessed the mortals with a sky of falling stars. The Jahix Culture celebrate their love and see it as a new beginning and count their new year from that. It happened to be during the coldest winter month and the people needed something new to hold on to. And the goddesses of the star and moon gave them that.   During the festival, every country that is part of the Jahix Culture celebrates it the same. It is because they used to be a dynasty and the people in Giazia - EN celebrate it the same way.   Every city starts decorating for the Winter Star Festival during the whole week until it is the day of the Winter Star Festival. Every city, village, and town decorates the streets with homemade stars in every different colour that hang from a rope that goes from house to house over the streets. The stars light up by a Melgra plant inside of the homemade stars or by a crystal. Hundreds of hundred stars hang across the streets and in the houses.   The food that they eat is everything from noodle dishes, rice, spring rolls, fruit, meat, dessert, bread, and fish. In the streets they celebrate by dancing, singing songs, having fire dancing and they light torches that sparkles in different colours. Some of them even have different smells when you light them. They are as big as a stick. And when the clocks get close to midnight, they fire fireworks. They create a lot of colourful colours in the sky and the streets with their torches and homemade stars. The colours in the festival are because they love colours in the Jahix Culture and it symbolizes the Namagurhoq_EN.   When the fireworks go off, they all eat twelve different fruits to celebrate a good new year. And give blessings to the family. It cannot be sour fruits because then you will give them a bitter year. It must be sweet fruits. If you eat twelve fruits you can make a wish. And hopefully, the wish comes true. The legend says that it is the Namagurhoq_EN that grants your wish if you are a good person.   Before the light of the fireworks, the whole city gathers to dance, sing, play games, eat food, and watch fire dancers. They also take on their finest clothes and a lot of colours. During the whole week, they cook food, do homemade stars, and buy the twelve fruits. And during the celebrations in the city with everyone else, they have at some time during the celebrations go to the church or alter to pray to the gods and their ancestors. They light a candle for their family members. All of them must do it before the fireworks start.   The kids gather around to eat food, candy, dessert, and play games and if you are under the age of fifteen you get a present. The present can be anything from a toy, clothes, or money. Most of them get homemade toys if they are poor or have homemade clothes. If you are richer, you can get something else but usually, it is a toy, clothes, or money.   When the fireworks go off the whole city eats the twelve fruits. They cheer with a special nonalcoholic winter drink. And when the fireworks are done. They go home and eat some more food before they go to bed. The homemade starts are up three more days before they take them down. Everyone in the Jahix Culture love the Winter Star Festival and it is one of their most traditional festivals. And one of their most loved festivals. Everyone loves the fireworks and the colourful torches. And all the food that they get to eat. Sometimes if they are lucky they get to see falling stars across the sky.
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