Jahix Culture

Written by FirethornDragon

Jahix has the oldest culture in the whole of Aurin. They were the first people to travel around Aurin until they settled down in Long Xae. And they build up a rich culture and dynasty that today are split up into different countries and does are Yongar, Usuin, Qahai and Long Xae. Giazia has always been independent on its own and saved by the The Mystical Sea from ever becoming a part of the Long Xae dynasty.   From the start, the jahix culture was nomadic people. They followed the animals and there is where their respect for nature comes from. And why they value Aulla goddess of animals, wisdom and hunting as their true goddess. But also their love for hunting and all of their traditions with the First Arrow (Första Pilen) and that all of them at some point in their life has to visit Aulla's Altar near one of the first monasteries in Aurin Chegva.   Every jahix no matter how rich or high up they are in the herkie always values the craftsmanship of a good bow and arrow, someone who treats animals with respect and can show respect to other clans in the jahix countries. That is how you earn their respect. Showing that you respect nature, show respect to every one of their people and most of all show that you know how to fight, hunt, track and knows how to use herbs and plants for healing purposes. Every jahix wears their clan colours with pride, and insulting their clan is the quickest way to die.   Jahix usually doesn´t have last names. They only have first names because they never saw the point of drawing a line between them. When they meet each other, they say their name and which clan they are from. If you are the Emperor, you would say emperor and then your name. The same goes for clan leaders. If you wear the son or daughter from someone you would first present your name and then your parents’ name if that is important. It doesn’t matter which parent you start with first as long as you say both. Some jahix has last names but that is a later addition because they got married to people outside of their culture and the last name stuck.   Jahix lives look a bit different depending on where you live. In Long Xae they value colorful clothes and the more colourful you dress, the more vibrant the colours are the richer you are. But also, the more beautiful you are in their eyes. They value colour in Long Xae because of the bird that they followed there, that later become a part of their crest - the bird Namagurhoq. That means colourful beauty in their native language Aikirati. But only the royal family is allowed to wear purple. No other jahix is allowed to have that colour on their clothes, their weapons, or their clan flags. Unless it is the royal families already existing crest and flag. The jahix in Long Xae also value craftmanship and usually have competitions to see who the best blacksmith in Long Xae is. The winner will be the royal family’s blacksmith for an entire year.   The jahix in Qahai become independent not too long ago. Some of their values still come from the Long Xae jahix. But they value the trading skills and tracking skills of their partner. But also, how good you are at speaking the different jahix languages. For them it is all about how good you are with hunting, tracking and if you can bargain. Just like the people in Giazia that has created the black market. They value how good you are at seeing something of value and the craftsmanship of it. But also, how good you are at stealing it.   The people of Usuin and Yongar value nature and healing aspects more. They are the jahix that still are nomadic. All of them also value how good you are with your hunting skills, fighting skills and how respected you are to nature and does around you. They are the humbler people of the jahix culture.   What they all have in common is that they respect nature and everything in it, they respect their elders and their people and countries. They would never break an oath. They also value how good you are at fighting, healing, and most of all how good you are at all of them. You can see the difference in where the jahix people are from by looking at their clothes. The jahix from Long Xae wear colourful clothes, the Qahai jahix wear simpler clothes but still, some color, and the jahix in Yongar and Usuin goes nowhere without their weapons and armour. The jahix from Giazia always goes dressed in dark clothes and clothes that you can move yourself in with ease. Because otherwise, it would be harder to steal stuff and something that they can cover their face with when they run if they ever get caught.   The jahix in Yongar and Usuin all have wolfed that they have trained as their travel companion instead of horses. They get their wolf when they are twelve and are responsible for training it, taking care of it, and naming it. The wolf wears its owner’s clan crest around their neck. It is usually a scarf with a crest or a collar. Jahix values family and would never consider cheating. That for them is a big taboo. Another taboo for them is disrespecting nature and the creatures in it and not taking care of their weapons.   Because they are the oldest culture in Aurin they don´t bother trying to learn other people’s languages. Especially in Long Xae. Some jahix does learn at least common fraises in one of the common languages for trading purposes. And the jahix in Giazia can speak some words from almost other cultures and country because they have the most famous black market in Aurin.   The jahix gets along the best with the Crehe people and their culture because it is like their own. They both value nature and the creatures in it. And they both like to see who is the best fighter and healer by having competitions with their brothers and sisters that live along the The Oarion Bay. Jahix always travels to the bay to meet the crehe that lives there. Because they see them as their brothers and sisters from across the sea. But that does not mean that they don´t clash in their different values and opinions sometimes.   They even respect them so much that they have done the language that they speak with the crehes from Danwor the national speaking language between them. They also have the same sign language. But that is a well-kept secret from everyone else except the jahix and crehe people.   Most of the jahix names can be used as both masculine and feminine names. They don´t like to divide the two sexes. They believe that everything a man can do a woman can do too. They validate you based on who you are not which gender you are. Not from which clan you are from or whose child you are. But who you are as a person. That is what they are looking for. And that is why most of them don´t have last names. Because your last name doesn’t tell them anything. Only your character does. Nothing else and nothing more.   That is also why they don´t care about how you love either. If you are a man who loves a man, they don’t care or if you are a woman that loves a woman. For the jahix that does not matter because they respect every person the same and treat them all the same. They only judge you based on what kind of person you are. That said there are not many people in Aurin that agrees with their values on that topic, like some of their brothers and sisters from across the sea. But they still can find common ground even do they don´t agree on same-sex couples or marriages. They even have goddesses that are same-sex couples that some other cultures have changed the stories on. But the jahix would never treat you any differently based on who you love or where you from or what you did. They just judge the person they get to know and nothing more. Everyone is always welcome to a jahix person's home or family as long as they like you for you.

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