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The People of Iroya


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Naming Traditions

Feminina namn

Some of the most common names in Iroya.
A, names: Ari. Aster. Alyssa. Agate. Angelica. April. Amber. Agnes. Anja.
B, names: Blair. Bedelia. Betty.
C, names: Cindy. Claire. Cajsa. Ceren.
D, names: Dahlia. Dorothy. Devon. Deja.
E, names: Ellie. Ella. Elisabeth. Evelina. Emmy. Elsa.
F, names: Flora. Frida. Fiona.
G, names: Gia. Gabriela. Gracie.
H, names: Helen. Heather. Hope.
I, names: Indrig. Iris. Ivy. Ines.
J, names: Jade. Jonna. Jackie. Josie. Juliet. Joy.
K, names: Klara. Katie. Katharina. Kya. Kassandra.
L, names: Lila. Lina. Lena. Lisa. Louise. Linda. Lydia.
M, names: Madelene. Milly. Melissa. Maya.
N, names: Nina. Nayeli. Nairi. Neva.
O, names: Olivia. Opal. Octavia.
P, names: Pamela. Paulina. Payton. Priya.
R, names: Ruby. Rae. Rachel. Reyes. Rose.
S, names: Stella. Sandra. Samanta. Sara.
T, names: Tove. Tilda. Tina. Tessa. Talia.
U, names: Ulrika. Ula. Uliana.
V, names: Violet. Valerie. Vanessa. Varya.
W, names: Winter. Willow.
Y, names: Yvett. Yelena. Ylva.
Z, names: Zoe. Zavia. Zora.

Maskulina namn

Some of the most common names in Iroya.
A, names: Aiden. Alder. Axel. August. Alvin. Alfred.
B, names: Bran. Badger. Benedict. Benjamin.
C, names: Cliff. Calder. Colt. Christer.
D, names: Dean. David. Dante. Douglas.
E, names: Elias. Erik. Evert. Edgar. Edmund.
F, names: Flint. Fredrik. Fabian. Forrest. Flynn.
G, names: Gideon. Gale. George. Gary. Gavin.
H, names: Harbor. Henry. Halvar. Harold. Horace.
I, names: Ian. Illes. Isac. Irwin.
J, names: Jonatan. Jasper. James. Joakim. Joel. Joar.
K, names: Kale. Klaus. Kagan. Kalum. Koray. Kye.
L, names: Leo. Lars. Liam.
M, names: Macon. Magnus. Matthew. Melvin. Melden.
N, names: North. Nils. Nicholas.
O, names: Ove. Oliver. Oakley. Owen.
P, names: Peter. Patrick. Paul. Percy. Philip.
Q, names: Quill. Quint. Quest.
R, names: Robert. Reef. Robin.
S, names: Stephen. Sebastian. Sherwin. Simon. Sparrow. Stanwood.
T, names: Tide. Theodor. Timothy. Teddy. Tivon. Tomlin. Tyrone.
U, names: Ulf. Ulrik. Ugo.
V, names: Valter. Vincent. Viggo. Vernon.
W, names: William. Wilhelm. Wade. Wes.

Unisex names

Some of the most common names in Iroya.
River. Ash. Lake. Ridge. Laurel. Oak. Skyler. Delta. Sage. Maple. Cedar. Field. Rowan. Ari. Garnet.


Vanlig klädkod

Most people of Iroya dress in blue and black. Among them, there is no such thing as masculine and feminine, when it comes to clothes. Their clothes are made to endure the winter, rain, mud, the forest, and hiking. The people of Iroya only wear red when they are at war. At funerals, they wear the colours purple or green. Otherwise, they mostly only wear blue and black.

Foods & Cuisine

Most of the food in Iroya is soups and stews. They cook with a lot of herbs, venison and mushrooms. In their deserts, they use a lot of berries and honey. The people of Iroya also eat a lot of fish. But they are most famous for their soups and stews. Most of the recipes that are still used in Iroya have been passed down for generations. Every family have a secret family recipe for their soups or stews. Apple pie and blueberry pie are Iroya's most common pies. But the pie that everyone in Iroya loves is a meat pie or a raspberry pie.       The people of Iroya always use natural resources from the woods or locally produced food. They do not like to waste things, especially not when it comes to food. They try to use everything. That is why most of their food is soups and stews. Most of them cultivate their vegetables. The people of Iroya are also famous for their bread. Every family bakes their bread or buys it from the bakery.

Funerary and Memorial customs

At funerals, everyone wears either purple or green. When someone dies, they burn the body. They collect the ashes into a small box. They put the small box into a grave out of stacked stones that form a little pyramid. The top stone of the grave has the deceased person's name engraved onto it. When someone dies the whole city, village or town gathers around to pay their respects. They lay a flower by the deceased's grave.       The family lights a candle for the deceased person on their day of death. When someone has recently past the whole family wears the colour grey for a month. They are not allowed to wear any other colour during that month. During the funeral, family members of the deceased place the stones outside the box with the deceased's ashes in. If the deceased was married, their wife or husband places the last stone on the grave. When the last stone is placed, everyone else can begin to say goodbye to the departed. Most often, everyone in the whole village, city, or town places a flower next to the grave.

Vanliga myter och legender

One of the most common myths in Iroya is the Keregan. Many people that live along The Nuurun River have different ideas and stories about the Keregan. They also have a lot of myths and legends about The Nuurun River. Most of those stories are about the dangers of magic and about the creatures that live in the river. Every village, city and town has their own stories about magical people and why you should not trust them.


Courtship Ideals

Courtships in Iroya are simple. It starts with a flower. When someone from Iroya gives someone a flower they are not dating or married to, they ask that person out. If the person accepts the flower, they go out. If not, then nothing happens. It is an easy way for both girls and boys to let someone know they are interested. In Iroya, family is an important thing.       Therefore, most people ask for parents' approval before proposing. Asking the parents for their approval is about respect. But it is also a formality. It rarely happens that the parents say no. When someone in Iroya accepts a proposal, both in the relationship wear a band of blue and black around their waist until the wedding day. When it comes to Weddings in Iroya, everyone in the city, village or town celebrates the couple. The people of Iroya love weddings.

Relationship Ideals

The people of Iroya believe that marriage is for life. They rarely remarriage or get divorced. They are loyal people when they are together with someone. Most of them don't like to date a lot of people at the same time. They are honest if they don't want someone. Most of them are forward if they like someone. They do not like to play games or waste someone's time. That is why they are straightforward and honest. When it comes to relationships they believe in openness, honesty and loyalty. For them, a relationship is about equal give and take.
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