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Brenox Culture

Written by FirethornDragon

Brenox Culture is the second oldest culture that exists in Aurin. They have one of the strictest cultures that exist but also the most brutal traditions. They like war and value warriors but they also like structure and laws. Especially order and they have a very strong dictatorship. Most countries are ruled with an iron fist.   For them, it is about honour, pride and glory in war and leadership is the only thing that matters. Their togas symbolize their status in their society. The red, orange, and white in Chioya - EN symbolizes power and statutes. But mostly only for the royal family. Down in Sogal - EN the colours purple, black and white symbolize the royal family. Seras - EN colours for the royal family is red, black, and white. In Aqeron - EN, the royal family wears green, white and black. Rubros - EN is the only one that doesn´t wear the Brenox Cultures togas.   The people from Rubros are known as seafarers and pirates. Their capital is Dead Man's Port is the pirate's capital. It also were Ulrika Denholm founded The Riddles of the Sea (Havets Gåtor). All of them travel to Flameport to drink Gatiro wine that the people of Kheru (Befolkningen av Kheru) makes. Wine is something that they have all agreed on as their favourite drink. The people are not as popular with their wine as the people of Kheru, but they are skilled in making wine and cider.   The people in the Bernox Culture send their kids to Merana - School for knights and soldiers where they are trained to become warriors. For them that is very important that they know how to fight but also know how tactics work. If the child has been born as a melend they send the child to Felvale-EN instead.   They are not that much for healing, if they get injured they send that person to the few healers that they have or through a portal to Chegva. When it comes to families, they value sons more. Many of them want to build a family with much power and influence. The Brenox Culture sees friends as contacts and how they can move around in the world with contacts. For contacts, power, and glory are everything.   The Brenox Culture believe strongly in legends and myths and believes just like the Melends Culture that there is some truth to everything. The people of the Brenox Culture are often seemed like manipulative people that know how to move a room. Many of them try to climb up in the world. That is mostly because of their hierarchies. They know that the higher status you have in society the more power you have. And for them things are important.   Especially when they choose partners, and when they choose who they want to live with. That is why most of the pirates exist as part of the Brenox Culture. That is because they don´t want to live a life where others dictate how they should live it. They want to have the power to do whatever they want. Despite that, few people in the Brenox Culture don´t share the same view on power and status as the others. But all of them know how they can use it to make the right contacts.   The Brenox Culture strongly believes that relationships like everything else are built because of contacts and how you move up in society. That does not mean that they can´t fall in love with someone. But first, they will try to see how that person can influence their life. They are neither for nor against same-sex couples. They see it as neither right nor wrong. For them, it is more about what the person can give them. And if they choose someone that the rest of the family can´t see what the person can give them, like power and status, then they will dislike the person. No matter how it is. Despite their gender, species, and culture. If it is not someone with power or status, then they don´t want that person as a part of their family. Despite if the person loves the person that the family disapprove of.   When it comes to their faith they believe in the Old Gods. But for them, it is more about how they exist and at the same time about the customs and traditions that they look up to. They hold on to some of their festivals and traditions. And they respect the gods, but they relate to them when it suits them And they pray to who they want to pray to. They are very sceptical of seers and people that talk about destiny. For destiny does not exist. Because the Brenox Culture creates its destiny.
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