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Written by FirethornDragon

Brareg is a lizard that lives in The Sorreph Desert. But you will rarely see it. The creature reptile skin can adapt to the different environments and blend into it. So, you will never see it even if it’s there. The Brareg lizard natural skin is green, a bit of red and orange. Their eyes are brown. When they are fully grown five years after they are born, they are about two meters in length and about 45 cm wide and their tail is about forty cm long. The males are a little bigger.   The Brareg lizard mate for the first time three years after day are born. And they stay with that partner until the eggs hashed and the kids become one year old. After that the female is responsible for the kids until they are three years old. When it comes to choosing their partner the males battle with each other for the female’s favor. The male that wins the battle gets to present themselves to the female and she choose if she wants the male or not. Usually, she chooses the male Brareg and they mate. If she does not choose the male, it is fair game for other males to try to win her favor.   She will later burry the eggs in the sand dunes. It takes about a month before the egg’s hatches. When they crawl out of the egg they are about as big as the palm of a hand. After one year they are about thirty cm long. And after three years when they are ready to mate, they are one meter long. The color in their skin is brighter the heathier the Brareg lizard is. Their biggest enemy is not only bounty hunters that tries to hunt them for their skin and eggs but also the Ahas snake that’s eat them.   The Brareg eats cactuses and small animals that lives in the desert. They also hunt in the few forest that exist and they like some fruits but not all of them. They climb well on mountains, walls, and trees, because of their long sharp claws. Brareg moves quickly and can carry about twice their own weight. They are faster in water than they are in land. And just like the Ahas snake the Brareg lizard can dive into the sand and move very quickly in it to get away from its predators. Brareg has a good hearing, but they don´t see as well. It is because they live in The Sorreph Desert (Sorreph öknen) and a lot of sandstorms happen at The Sorreph Desert. So, the Brareg lizards need to relay on their hearing and feeling senses instead of their eyesight. A Brareg lizard can survive a month without water and food. They like the heat. But they can adapt to different climates if they need to. Winter for them works if they have warm clothing on them.   Despite many not believing it the Brareg lizard is a very intellectual creature. They study the environment around them before they chose to reveal themselves. They listen to what the humans and different species are saying. And they can read emotions and see it almost like a melend can always sense the magic around them. The Brareg lizard only show themselves to people and creatures that they trust. Most of them live in hiding out by themselves in the deserts or forests. Some even live in the cities but they never show themselves.   Few people have trained the animal enough to ride them. But it is not an easy task and most of them that succeed had to get the Brareg creature to trust them over the span of ten years. When the Brareg lizard gets old the green color in their skin gets bluer. And the average lifespan of the Brareg is about twenty years. Some can get up to twenty-five but that is very unusual.   If the Brareg lizard trust someone they will always protect them and help them. They will also only reveal themselves to them. But only them when they are alone. They will also never attack them unless you broke their trust. The Brareg has a good memory and remembers everything that they been through. They can literally hate someone for the rest of their lives.   The creature will breathe fire if they feel attack by someone. They can use the fire magic to their advantage. They get their powers from the sun and can even handle swimming in lava. But they are not a fan of the snowy mountains. But if they can keep their fire inside of them alive, they can survive for a while in the snowy mountains and cold waters. But only for a week. After that they will die if they are not kept warm. They are most drawn to fire melends and fire crehes. Because they can sense a kinship to them. But that does not mean that they trust them right away.   Many thing that the Brareg lizard is a distant species to the dragons that used to live. If you believe in the legends and myths that is. Beacause most people think that dragons are a fairytale. That they never existed. But does who believe that they did, thinks that the Brareg lizard is related to the dragons.
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