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Written by FirethornDragon

Ebrus is one of the biggest cities out in Sogal - EN and is the capital of Sogal - EN. There are a lot of people that have wondered about the desert that visit the capital. Most of them are there to visit the big markets in the capital Ebrus. There you can buy and sell almost anything. But mostly you can buy The Sharia plant.   The Sharia plant is a significant plant if you plan to wander out in the desert or have wandered in the desert. Because it collects water that you can drink straight from. And many people make money by selling them in the capital Ebrus. And you can make a lot of money by doing that.   The city also gets visited by travellers a lot and merchants that want to trade things. Some healers even come to the big city of Ebrus to buy The Sharia plant. Because it helps them if they need water if someone gets injured and they don´t have access to water.   Ebrus is a very big city most of the people that are from Sogal - EN live in the capital. Most of them try to avoid the Sorreph Desert (Sorreph öknen) because of the sandstorms. And the Ahas snake that lives out in the desert. They also don´t like the desert because of Odos Passet and the legend that surround it. But also because of the Sorreph people (Folket av Sorreph) that used to live out there and says still live out there. If you believe the legends.   In Ebrus the houses are mostly built with stone and mud or of them. And they almost all look the same. The people there are dressed in robes and scarves to protect them from the heat and the sand. At night they light torches. But most of the time it is so dark that you can see the stars at night. The capital Ebrus is also a port city. There are always travellers that come to visit them or stay there for a few days when they are travelling through The Cyies Ocean. Some pirates from Dead Man's Port at Rubros - EN visit the capital to sell things, buy things or play some games like Maotl Cards.   During the day the city is filled with people. Kids run around in the streets and the markets start early and end late at the night. Sometimes during the night times the whole capital party and celebrate by eating food by the fires and dancing together. The people at Ebrus can be nice but most of them will only be nice to people that they know. To strangers, they are sceptical just like all the other people in their Brenox Culture.   If you want something from them you have to either pay them well or play a game of Maotl Cards. If you win, they will help you with what you want or tell you what you want. But if you lose then they will not help you. They won’t even talk to you afterwards. For them, they just earn easy money.   There are a lot of inns around the capital. But you must store away your valuable belongings because there is a chance someone will try to steal them at night when you are asleep. You can get robbed easily in Ebrus. That is why you should always keep a good eye on your belongings. There are some poorer areas of the city and there are some wealthier parts of Ebrus. When you are in the wealthier areas of the city you see greenery and flowers.   But they are also closer to the royal family’s castle. Because only the higher-ranked people of Sogal - EN can be part of the consul of the royal family. Because the position can only go to someone that had a father or mother that was part of the consul. And they usually are only part of the richer and high-ranked families in Sogal. The castle is built in only stone and looks more like a palace. They are close to the sea and have a nice view of the whole capital and the desert.   The royal family usually don´t let anyone visit the palace and they rarely leave it. There are still rumours going around in the city about what happened with the crown princess about fifteen years ago. All they know is that she just disappeared and never came back. So, her brother took over the throne. Most people in Ebrus see the king as a tyrant that rules the country with an iron fist. But none of them has rarely seen the king himself. He shows himself from time to time from one of the palace's balconies. Or when he must do the traditional parade through the city’s streets.   There is almost living in the streets of Ebrus. There is always running, there are always people talking, buying things, selling, and trading. A lot of ships come and go. And the people at Ebrus are most helpful when they can earn money from it. Or if they know you. But mostly if they can earn money from it.
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