Maotl Cards (Mao_t_l)

Written by FirethornDragon

Maotl Cards is a game that the pirates invented. It is a high-stake game where you either lose or win a lot of money. But for the pirates it is a fun game. The Maotl Cards game can be played at the lest by two people and highest at eight players. The game goes out on being the player closes to the number twenty-one. If you get higher then you boom and if you get lower you are swimming in the ocean. The closer you get the better and if you have twenty-one by the end of it, it’s even better.   When you play you need to shuffle the deck well, then every player needs five cards. And everyone of them need to beat at least five copper coins. Then the game goes clockwise. Then you have one turn to trade for new cards. And then you chose if you want to fold or if you want to beat. If you fold you are out but you will lose your money, but you won’t lose more.   But if you beat you can choose how much money you want to beat. The higher you beat the better hand you have. But it does not have to mean that. Every pirate play Maotl Cards with their friends, their crew and especially with new people. That is how they get to know someone by a good game of Maotl Cards. It is all about how you play the game. If you cheat, if you fold, if you beat too high or too low, and if you play fair and square everything says something to a pirate that plays the Maotl Cards game all the time.   The decks come in different material and different colors. Some pirates collect the different decks. In the beginning the legend says that they started to play with leaves with different numbers and colors on them.   And it has always been a way for pirates to make a deal with each other. Or to settle a dispute between them. The Maotl Cards is the one of the many things every pirate always carries with them. Even do the pirates are the people that plays the game the most and come up with it. Maotl Cards are played by other cultures and people to. But for them it is a fun game at the club or with friends. The Maotl Cards game is also a way to pass time.   People play it all around the world. And it is an easy way to pass time and get to new people. It exists three versions of the Maotl Cards game. You can play it in teams, two and two, you can play it the traditional way and then you have the fast version. The fast version is when you both get one card each turn and have thirty seconds to decide if you want to keep playing and make a beat or fold. Everything is hanging on the last card in the fast version of Maotl Cards.   And if a pirate let you choose which version you want to play with them it also says something about you to them. The Maotl Cards. Most pirates love the fast version of Maotl Cards. It makes it interesting, especially when the money stacks up.   It is also a game that the Ekes Culture likes to play with pirates and among themselves. They like to beat. And the games between pirates and dwarfs can make a high-stake game. And it can be very fun to watch.   There are tournaments sometimes in Flameport where pirates, fishermen, melends and people from the Ekes Culture and the people from Giazia - EN play in. You can win a lot of money. And the winner of the tournament wins not only a lot of money but the title of being the best Maotl Cards player in the whole of Aurin.   But you also must remember that they best cheats in the Maotl Cards game is pirates. And they know how to make it look like they never cheated at all.

Cover image: by Charlotte.S


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