The Cyies Ocean

Written by FirethornDragon

In The Cyies Ocean lays Rubros - EN and the capital of the pirates Dead Man's Port. Chioya - EN also lays out in The Cyies Ocean. Rahegos - EN, Aqeron - EN, Sogal - EN and part of Seras - EN are all close to The Cyies Ocean.   The Cyies Ocean is not as dangerous as The Mystical Sea. But they have some storm seasons. The ocean sometimes looks a little red or orange. And are therefore sometimes called by the Brenox Culture The Red Sea. Or The Blood Sea. It is normally not red but there is a bacterium that exists in The Cyies Ocean that makes the surface a little red from time to time. And that is what has given the ocean its name.   Many battles have taken place out in The Cyies Ocean because of the pirates that live in Rubros - EN. But also because of Chioya - EN. Many ships have sunken to the bottom of The Cyies Ocean. And many funerals. The legend says that A sailor's funeral song was created during the battle of the pirates during the time most of the ships sunk to the bottom. And when Chioya - EN was at war. Know days the ship usually falls victim to the storm seasons or when they are fleeing from the law.   In The Cyies Ocean, there are many corals and revs and a lot of fish, some sharks, some octopuses, eels, and some other creatures. Most people close to The Cyies Ocean live on the fish and other animals that exist in the ocean. They even export some of the fish and in some places, you can also find winged wasp snakes. But it is very unusual to find them in The Cyies Ocean. Because it is usually not too deep for them to build their nests. And there is almost no seaweed in some parts of The Cyies Ocean.   Many people travel over it every day. Especially the pirates from Rubros - EN, fishermen, and merchants. And some Guardians when they need to do some work down by the countries that are by The Cyies Ocean. Because most of the Brenox Culture countries don´t allow portals in their countries. Especially not in Rubros - EN capital Dead Man's Port.
Inhabiting Species

Cover image: The Cyies Ocean by Charlotte.S


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