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Chegva is one of the first monasteries in Aurin. It is placed in Yongar - EN. The jahix people (orc) were the first people who started to work with healing. They have the oldest school in all of Aurin. It is called Chaddo The school of the orcs and healers. They don´t usually teach magic in school. And two students from the school are the founders of the sport wenggium.   The Chegva Monastery is a very old stone building placed in the no man’s land between Yongar - EN and what we know today to be known as Usuin - EN. They, even argue about which country owns their school Chaddo. And they would have argued about the monastery too if it was not carefully noted down that it was founded by the Yongar people.   The building is close to the school and both Youngar and Usuin. But far enough out that it takes a day from both countries to reach it by horse or by wolf depending on how close you live to the monastery. Sometimes even three days up to a week if they get lost. The building is now used more as a place where the students at Chaddo can practice healing and learn about herbs and plants. They have their little greenhouse by the monastery.   The greenhouse only has plants that are difficult to find in their own countries. The jahix people love the art of healing and are close with the crehe people (elves), because of that. They both respect nature and its beings. But despite that, they don´t trust other healing methods than their own. But also, because they have knowledge that tracks very far back in time than any other species or culture. They have methods that they don´t share with anyone else but their people or students.   Some people travel a long way to Chegva to find the last resort. If no one in Chegva can heal you, it means you have an incurable illness. The healers at The Chegva Monastery are used to seeing very bad injuries. Because of the wenggium sport. Jahix people are almost the only species/culture who plays the sport with magic and without. And without the wounds from swords, axes and knives can be very bad, even from magic.   But the jahix people are also mostly a nomad kind of people that hunts to survive. And sometimes no matter how experienced a hunter you are, you can still get hurt. And their traditions involve mostly hunting like The First Arrow Första Pilen. The healers at Chegva are one of the most talented potions healers too. And most of what the healers in Wenekadi or any other place know about healing, was first thought by the healers from The Chegva Monastery.   It is placed in a place where it snows almost every day of the year. Except for about three to four months a year. It is a big building that has gone through some changes through the years. Like the greenhouse, more hospital beds, and rooms. A bigger place for making potions and salves. In everything that they do they always make sure to pay respect to nature and the gods for providing them with what they need. Despite the big open place close to the ocean and almost in the middle of nowhere. The Chegva Monastery is not placed there by accident.   It is rich with the plants and herbs they use in most healing methods. Some of them are buried in the ground, others by the forests a day or two away and by the ocean beds or by the cliff walls. But to any other person, it looks like nothing. But an experienced healer of the Jahix people knows it is a very good place for healing and practising healing.
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42 F.M (Before Magic)

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