The Yazur Plant

Written by FirethornDragon

The Yazur Plant is a plant that grows out in the swamps and wetlands. It looks like an innocent plant with white flowers. But the white flower is poisonous. The plant thrives in the water and the rots make a good soup and you can make Yazur tea from the deep green leaves. And they use it in the Jahix Culture when they have the Yazur tea ceremony.   The plant is not a rare plant. It grows almost everywhere around the swamps and wetlands. It blooms during the fall and sometimes during the spring. The plant lives for as long as it has enough water. You should always pick the flower during the winter when it is a lot of snow and make sure that the rots have a lot of snow around them. Then you must plant the flower in a pot in a lot of water.   In the flower when it blooms it sends out seeds that are spread around in the swamps. Sometimes the flower grow around or in the Smoke moss. And if you are trying to pick it among the Smoke moss, you have to be very careful. Because that moss can kill you. And if you see pink, you are already dead.   The Yazur Plant have a nice sweet sent. And when it blooms it creates a feeling of home for everyone who is part of the Jahix Culture. Almost every person from the Jahix Culture have the plant in their house. Or in their garden. The tea and the soup you can make from The Yazur Plant make it a good gift for any person from the Jahix Culture. And the soup is a good comfort food for them.   The Yazur Plant says to give fortune and good luck. And if you want to make a really good impression on a person from the Jahix Culture you can gift The Yazur Plant as a gift. For them the plant symbolizes not only good luck, fortune, tea, and soup but it also symbolizes one of the core pillars of their culture.   No person from the Jahix Culture have a house without The Yazur Plant. The plant don´t like the heat and if it don´t have a lot of water it will die. The rots need to be surrounded by a lot of water all the time. When the plant starts to die the leaves will fall from the plant. And that is a sign that you may not have had enough of water for The Yazur Plant. If you see a the plant in a house the people that lives there might be part of the Jahix Culture.

Cover image: Swamp by Charlotte.S


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