Akira Wolf

Written by FirethornDragon

An Akira Wolf would never choose someone they don´t trust. So, if she has picked you, she must see something very special in you.
  The Akira Wolf is a species that the jahix uses as their travel companions instead of horses. They break them and train them but there is still some wild Akira Wolf that is not part of any jahix clan yet. The Akira Wolf is a big wolf with white and light grey fur. The white fur is because of the cold climate the Akira Wolf lives in. It is almost always snow in Yongar - EN and Usuin - EN and the wolfs usually hunts up by the mountains or in the forest. They eat everything from birds to rabbits and sometimes even snakes. But they can eat some plants when their usual food is lacking.   The wolves mate during the spring and have their cubs at the end of summer. Akira Wolf gets around 3-4 pups. Sometimes even five but that is rare. They are no longer pups after two years and are fully grown five years after they are born. The males are a little smaller than the females. The common height for the males is 85-90 cm and the females are 90-95 cm. Their eye colours can be anything from blue, grey, brown, and black. Their teeth are very sharp and that is because they need sharp teeth when they hunt for their food. They have big paws, so they can walk on mountain cliffs and hard spots. Their claws are strong enough to get through stone but not break it if it’s too big. They have a very strong bone structure and a lot of force in their teeth and paws. They can jump about five feet and can run fast. Wolf are faster than horses and can outrun most creatures. Their tail doesn´t feel soft, it is hard and very useful when they swim. Akira Wolf has good night vision and hearing.   They were sneaking up on them is not an easy task. Something the first jahix had to learn the hard way when they started to hunt the animal. First, they tracked it for its fur. But then it was one jahix that find an abandoned Akira Wolf puppy and took it in. After that, they use the wolf as their companion animal. The wolf can carry twice its weight. They are also very good at tracking, and picking up on smells and have a good memory. They never forget someone.   The Akira Wolf builds trust slowly but once they trust you, they will always trust you, until you break it. They are very loyal and proud creatures. They are very smart also and even hard to trick. They are by nature sceptical animals and don´t trust anything at first, not until they have been around it enough to know if it’s a threat or not.   The Akira Wolf lives in packs and hunts in packs too. The wild Akira Wolf lives in caves or abandoned burrows. Their fur only changes colour when they get very old. Then the white in the fur starts to fade more and the grey colour takes over. The Akira Wolf live usually a long life. They are a very healthy species. The common life span is twenty-eight years. But some even live to become forty years.   The Akira Wolf doesn´t like the warm climate. They thrive in the snow and the cold. If they ever are in a warm climate, they need a lot of cold water and a place in the shadow where the heat doesn’t get too much for them. They can handle about a day in the warmth before it gets too much for them and they need to cool down in cold water.   When an Akira Wolf has chosen its companion in the Jahix Culture they will never change their mind. The wolf only attacks when it feels threatened or danger is close. The wolfs shows that it trusts you by letting you get close enough to pet it. And when they have chosen their owner, you will know because they don´t want to leave their owner’s side. They never want to be away from the person they have chosen even as a puppy. They will always find a way to find the person that they have chosen and follow them around everywhere. Once they know that you won´t leave them and you built better boundaries and trust they can be apart from their owner for some time. But not for too long.   They see their owner as a part of their pack, and an Akira Wolf always protects their pack. They are easily trained and figures out stuff quickly. And if their owner trusts someone. The Akira Wolf trusts you too. Because they trust their owner’s judgment when it comes to something or someone, they don´t know anything about. And for a jahix, their Akira Wolf is a part of them. It is their best friend and a part of their family. Threatening their Akira Wolf or treating them badly is one of the quickest ways to get a jahix to lose every respect they have for you.
Yongar and Usuin

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