Ekes Culture

Written by FirethornDragon

Ekesernas culture is one of the many cultures in Aurin. They call themselves for ekes in their language Ogmano . Dwarfs haven´t moved around as much as the Jahix Culture or other cultures. They preferred their mountains and mountain ranges where they could keep to themselves away from other cultures and build up their civilization. Their civilization has a lot of mains, and forges, and most of them have their cities up in the snowy mountains. Or close by the desert, but all live up in the mountains.   They believe in the Old Gods. But they also believe in their own stories, their ancestors and what they can see. They don´t like magic even if some of them have magic powers. They prefer to work by their forges or the mains instead of trying to understand magic. For them, the most important thing is their craftmanship. Their ability to build and create new stuff that no other can do in Aurin, even with their magic is magic for the ekes.   They create practically everything, from weapons to doors even keys. They like to try to find out how things when they never seen before. Ekes likes mysteries and codes that they must solve. It is why they like things like the The Torasu Archive and The Peria Workshop. They don´t travel around Aurin that often except for when they must do work with someone or when they have to gather material.   Ekes prefers portals over traveling with ships mostly because it goes faster with portals than ships. They don´t ride horses or ponies. Instead travel around with a small animal that can climb mountains and can lift heavy things. They call it Pegosh. Pegosh is an animal that can handle the cold and warmth. The animal adapts to different environments without problem.   Something that the dwarfs likes that everyone else likes in Aurin is the sport wenggium (Wenggiums History). They love watching the sport and betting a whole lot of money on it. Ekes takes portals to every tournament. And if you want information or to get them to do something that they don´t want to do, then you should bet on a which wenggiun team will win the game. Ekes likes to bet everything from emeralds to their own weapon. If you win the bet the ekes will keep their word. But they will try to get out of it or try to convince you to bet again. Mostly because they don´t like to lose and they don´t like to share their secrets.   Dwarfs like their secrets and they try to keep it as much in their culture as possible. That is why everyone else outside of their culture has to do a test to get in to Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves. The school lies close to Oblons capital Nun Thoram. The city Ham Faldur lies very close to the school also.   For ekes their axes are sacred. Just like their forges and their own private workplace. You can´t just walk into a dwarf’s own forge without them giving you permission to do that. And you are not allowed to touch anything on their desk. Their sketches and plans on what they work on is very secret to everyone else until they are done with it.   Dwarfs only speak Ogmano . It is because they never move that far away from each other. They have lived around the same area for thousands of years. The ekes speak some of the common languages that exist in Aurin. Ekes let people travel to them instead of them traveling to them. They only travel to others sometimes but only if they get paid well.   Dwarfs send letters and messages with falcons (Pilgrimsfalkar). Especially when they are talking to melends and crehe. Dwarfs can get along with almost every other culture but some of them don´t get along with some of the people from the Jahix Culture. And that is because the jahix that lives in Kired has had a conflict for about four hundred years with the ekes in Kired. That is why the ekes created the prison Osagia.   The different ekes countries are Oblon, Kired, Osall and Teano. All their cities look similar except for some parts of Kired and Teano that is partly in the desert. All dwarfs use stone and metal to build their cities. They use mostly Ongru metal for that. The cities in Oblon and Osall are mostly built in white and grey stone. Down in Kired and Teano the buildings are in black stone. Except from that they cities looks very much the same.   Many dwarfs like to visit The Quidric Inn where they can sit and talk, play games and drink with their friends and travelers. If there is something the dwarfs love as much as mysteries, create their own stuff and watching wenggium is it to listening to stories. De love different stories and legends. But they love to tell them too.
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