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Osagia is a prison in Kired - EN. Because of the ongoing civil war in there between the ekes (dwarf) and jahix (orc) people they have opened several prisons. One of the most famous ones is Osagia. Osagia is put by the foot of the mountains near the capital in Kired. The prison is filled with cages, and most of them are used as temporary cells until they can find more space for the rebels. The rebels call their side of Kired for Ogyon - EN. They even have the capital that they call Zurbren Ba - EN. And that is the location that they are fighting about. Before the jahix (orcs) people changed the name of the ekes holey city, which they now have claimed as their capital in what they want to be their own country. But the ekes (dwarfs) don't want to give up the place. So, the civil war has been going on for over two hundred years.   And the Osagia prison has been a prison that has kept many war heroes and rebels. It is a big building with the best security there is. It is hard to escape from the prison and the cages have complicated locks. Torches light it up and have dark rooms, pathways, and corridors. It is very cold and at night the wind sounds like someone howling. It always smells like a sewer down by the cells and cages. And there are almost no windows by the cells. Most of the people sent to the Osagia prison never return.
Aurin Världs Karta
Världskarta över Aurin. World map of Aurin

Cover image: Osagia by Charlotte.S


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