The Quidric Inn

Written by FirethornDragon

When travelling through a cold environment, up and down mountains who wouldn’t get tired? The Quidric Inn is an inn that is built up by the mountain range that goes through the border of Oblon - EN , Osall - EN , Mylgos - EN and Usuin - EN. It is one of the most travelled pathways to get to all four countries. It is built on the border where all four countries meet. The roads can be dangerous to travel past when it snows but the jahix (orcs) and ekes (dwarfs) who lives there are used to it. But travelling Guardians or Melends, as everyone else calls them, are not used to it.   So, the people who live in the area where the four counties meet founded an inn. Some Guardians can even take a portal to The Qudric Inn. So, the Portal Guardians work their stays at the inn. They live there if they are on duty until the next shift switch with them and they have a vacation for a few months until they go back to the same place or a new one. It is run by a jahix (orc) family, and some ekes (dwarfs). They are known for their excellent local food and a good night’s slumber. The beds are comfortable, and the quilt is very warm and comfy. They have a fireplace in every room to make sure it doesn’t get too cold during the night and even during the day.   The people working at the inn have different maps and will help you choose the safest pathway to wherever you are. They even have some clothes that are made for the cold weather that they sell for the unprepared. And you will need it if you travel through the mountain range. Because it is connected to four countries it doesn’t have one name. Everyone calls it by different names and even the travellers that are travelling through the mountain range don’t know what to call it. So, everyone refers to The Quidric Inn as a landmark. When you have found the inn, you are in the middle of the four countries. Until then you can be anywhere and nowhere at the same time. But most people will say you have to travel past The Quidric Inn.   The building is built in stone because it is the easiest material to find. The sign is made of metal. The ekes (dwarfs) who work at the inn have their forge outside where they build stuff for the inn. Or fix stuff that some travellers must get fixed. But everyone knows that if you travel through the four countries up by the mountain range that is the fastest way to get to where you want to go, you must stop by The Quidric Inn. It is the best place for a good night's sleep and food. Especially for the slumber that the inn is most famous for.
Founding Date
597 E.M (after magic)
Inkluderade Platser

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