The Cameleon Snake


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The Chameleon Snake, which is said to be the largest snake that ever existed, has a fascinating history. The creature inhabits the snow-covered mountains of Aruin, and its white-scaled, snake-like body, ice-blue eyes, and horns that protrude from its head make it a distinctive sight. According to legend, the Chameleon Snake controls the different weather storms in high-altitude climates around the various mountain ranges across Aruin, particularly in Oblon.     However, despite its legendary status, the Chameleon Snake is now considered extinct or nearing extinction. Due to its snow and ice-colored scales, the creature can blend effortlessly into its surroundings, making it virtually invisible. It is believed that the snake can also shoot ice from its mouth, which adds to its mystique and power.     The dwarfs from Oblon used to hunt this creature for its scales and the statues it bestowed upon them. The statues were believed to bring good luck to the dwarfs, which is why they valued the Chameleon Snake. However, when the creatures became less frequent, the dwarfs stopped hunting, believing that the Chameleon Snake had ceased to exist.     In conclusion, the Chameleon Snake is a fascinating creature that has captured the imagination of many people throughout history. Although it is now considered to be extinct or close to extinction, its legend will live on forever.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Chameleon Snake is a fascinating creature that inhabits snowy regions and has unique abilities that enable it to survive in harsh conditions. This carnivorous snake feeds on a wide range of animals, including goats and stags, and also consumes plants that grow in its habitat. What sets this snake apart is its incredible ability to immobilize its prey using its freezing powers. The snake's icy breath, combined with its ability to rapidly lower its body temperature, allows it to freeze its prey instantly, making it easier to consume.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

The Chameleon Snake is an extraordinary creature that inhabits the frigid regions of the world. Its remarkable ability to regulate its body temperature makes it well-suited to adapt to the harsh conditions of the cold climate. Its pristine white scales and piercing ice-blue eyes blend seamlessly with the snowy surroundings, rendering it almost invisible to the human eye.     According to the legends, the Chameleon Snake possesses an uncanny ability to become invisible, making it even more elusive and difficult to spot. However, it only reveals itself to those it deems trustworthy. The Chameleon Snake is believed to possess magical powers and can sense magical energies just like a skilled magician. Moreover, it can also sense the intentions of the person standing in front of it. Only a fortunate few have had the privilege of encountering the Chameleon Snake, as it hardly ever makes an appearance.     Legend has it that the Chameleon Snake is descended from the dragons and can sense the presence of true Dragonblood. When it comes across Dragonblood, it is said to be capable of communicating with them through telepathy, forging a deep bond that only they can understand.     The Chameleon Snake is a masterpiece of nature, with its exceptional adaptations and enigmatic abilities. Its exquisite beauty and rarity make it a true wonder to behold.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
350 years
Average Length
100 meter
Related Ethnicities

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