Gom Gurihm

Written by FirethornDragon

If you pass The Quidric Inn and walk too far into the forest close to the country Mylgos - EN you are as good as dead. The Gom Gurihm forest is a very dark place. It says the sun never touches the ground and the grass and trees are as dark as onyx. It always feels like night even during the day. You never know how much time has passed or how many days you walked by the same tree over and over again.   The legend says the place was curst by the gods for the people of Mylgos to not worship them as the true gods. So, the forest of Gom Gurihm becomes a place no one should pass through. Not even if your life depends on it. Because you are certainly not ever coming back out of there alive. Or ever. Remarkably few people have survived the forest but that is by pure luck and nothing else   In the darkness of the forest, you can hear whispers in the trees. Howling in the wind and it always feels like something is watching you. It can be animals, creatures or some other thing that is trying to kill you. Magic doesn’t even work properly in that place. And fire or light always blows out almost as quickly as you light it. The darkness makes it difficult to find food, water, and shelter. And the lack of light. The temperature in the forest drops quickly at night and if you are not dressed for it, it would kill you.   What not many people know about until it’s too late is that there are swamps in the forest and quicksand. One wrong step and you are dead. If the animals in the forest have not killed, you yet themselves. Compasses don’t work in there and you can barely see the sky. The legend says that the god Cothos of blood, lives and souls created the Shadows in that place to always trap naive souls for him to collect. And he is the only god from the Old Gods that the people of Mylgos fear. Some even claim that they have seen him in their nightmares when they pass by the forest. And the survivor claims he never stops hunting them in their dreams.   The Gom Gurihm forest has many warning signs in front of it. The locales have put up dolls on sticks to try to scare people away from that doomed place. But somehow people end up lost in the forest almost daily. And you never hear from them again. And if you do, they have either gone insane from the forest or they are a corpse. Only follies people travel through the Gom Gurihm forest. Or people with a death wish. No one with their right mind will ever step closer than twelve feet near that cursed place.
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Shadow Forest
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