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The Peria Workshop

Written by FirethornDragon

The Peria Workshop creates a common item that is important: keys but also locks. They are known for their work with creating different kinds of keys, all from common keys to unique keys. The Peria Workshop is in the capital of Giazia - EN. The capital Gigarzia - EN is known for its thieves, smugglers, robbers and pirates. It is the capital of the black market known as the Bronzeford Biblioteket. And in a city or country of thieves, you need someone good at creating good keys and locks. But they are more famous for their keys. They always make two keys one that is real and one that is fake. And a key that can be hard to copy or duplicate.   Many thieves have tried to break into The Peria Workshop, but no one has been able to. It is because of the different keys and locks that the blacksmith who owns the workshop has created to make it hard for people to break the locks without the correct key. He even experiments with different kinds of material. Some even think he uses magic.

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